Easy snack recipes to make at home

Easy snack recipes to make at home

There are many snack items which are available in each corners of India. One can also make them at home and no wonder they are some delicious treats to offer your guests or fill your stomach in the evening.

Roasted tomato soup

To cook this, one needs some raw tomatoes and unpeeled garlic. You have to drizzle it with olive oil and then roast for some time. After peeling the tomatoes you can add half a cup of basil into it. To make it tastier, one can add some chicken stock into it as well. Add some grated cheese as garnish. This is a very tasty snack option if you are feeling hungry in the evening. Also you can take it as a meal option if you are on a diet and a bit health conscious.

Bhutteyan Da Kebab

Some people might get surprised to know that one can even make kebabs out of corns. But this is true. In this recipe, one has to mix potatoes with mild spices and corns together and also some oozing cheese to give it a soft and melt texture.

Tandoori Momos

One has heard of fried and steamed momos. But when in India, you also get something which is called the Tandoori momo. This is the perfect one if you need to impress the Indian in you. This one is an experiment with the momo recipe, and it is very clear that the experiment has been an instant hit. You can try both the veg and the non-veg version of it.


For those who loves to eat potatoes this dish is specifically for them. We all know that potatoes are known as batata is Maharashtra. Here, in this dish the potatoes are mashed well and then mixed with masalas. Then they are coated with besan and finally deep fried in hot oil. Have it hot with some tangy chutney.

Onion RavaDosa

Everyone loves eating Dosa and they are healthy as well. They are crispy, fried and also it can be delicious. One can make rava style dosas at home with some onions as well. If you want, you can add some green chillies as well.

Egg Bonda

This is also known as egg pakoda. This one has plenty of Indian flavours but the style of cooking is western. It is mainly prepared with chaat masala, bread crumbs and gram flour. The bread crumbs are mainly used because it gives the eggs a crunchy effect. On the other hand, the chaat masala brings out a zesty flavour in it. This fried delicacy can go really well with spicy green chutney or tangy tomato sauce.


This is made of mixed rice and besan. Served with sweet chutney and dried chillies. Now dhokla has a lot of variations. There can be rice dhokla, besandhokla and khamandhokla. One can search khaman banana kividhi in any cook book, which has proper Gujarati recipes. One can also get dhokla recipe in Marathi if they want.

So, try any of these dishes at home and surprise your near and dear ones.


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