Cakes – An Integral Part of Celebrations

Cakes – An Integral Part of Celebrations

The widely popular word ‘cake’ is originated from the Middle English word ‘kake’. A cake is a requirement for almost every celebration. A homemade and perfectly prepared cake is able to bring a smile to the faces of people of all age groups. Cake preparation requires a little bit practice and a small amount of effort.

Dora Cake: If you or any of your family members is a big fan of the hugely popular cartoon character – Doraemon, then you can prepare dora cake on various celebrations. Doraemon loves to have dora cakes and kids love them as well. It is a short form of the word Doriyaki.

It is a sweet pancake sandwich (Japanese style) with a jam or chocolate spread filling. It is a perfect kid’s delight, easy-to-prepare, and might be healthy as well. It is popularly called Doraemon’sDora cake. With the help of dora cake recipe, these cakes can be easily made at homes.

Eggless Tutty Fruity Cake: It is one of the hot favourite Christmas cakes without using eggs and is soft, moist, and light. You can prepare this cake by pressure cooker and without the requirement of the oven. Eggless Tutty Fruity cake is a very simple recipe and most of the people really love this cake. You can make this preparation by following its step-by-step recipe.

Eggless Black Forest Cake: Most of the people love to have black forest cake. Aside from its superb texture and fabulous taste, the recipe for black forest cake features some additional plus points. First, the complete chocolate sponge cake is prepared from whole wheat flour, requires less oil and utilizes easily available ingredients.

The recipe of Eggless Black Forest Cake is also simple and beginners can prepare it as well. Preparation of excellent eggless frosting cakes at your comfort zone is both a satisfying and creative effort. The overall process is not difficult but it takes time.

Eggless Chocolate Cake: It is an easy, simple, and delicious eggless whole wheat chocolate cake. The texture involving with the chocolate cake is moist and soft; however, it is not very moist just like the eggless chocolate cake. You can add melted butter to this recipe. This recipe can also be prepared in the pressure cooker.

Eggless Banana Cake: This is a one bowl cake recipe that is eggless and vegan. An easy and quick recipe gives soft, light, and moist cake. Banana bread and banana cake share a number of similarities in their recipes. You just need to increase the quantity of oil and amount of bananas as well as reduce the quantity of baking powder. Chopped walnuts are also used in this recipe.

Dora cakeand other cakes are liked by almost every people. Cakes are an integral part of celebrations and homemade cakes convey some special significance, as you make it with your love and passion. Cake preparation is not very difficult to learn; however, to become an accomplished cake maker, you need lots of practice. For more information on cake preparation, you need to go through various food websites.


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