Invest in UTI MNC Funds and Get Tremendous Returns

Invest in UTI MNC Funds and Get Tremendous Returns

UTI MNC Fund collected under this scheme will be predominantly invested in multinational corporations and other liquid stocks. The funds raised under the plan will be invested in equity and equity-related instruments. However, there can be no absolute guarantee or promise that the investment objective of the scheme will be achieved. The risk profile of investment can be high.

It is an Equity – thematic Fund – UTI MNC Fund with 2,194 (CR) AUM. It is an open-ended scheme that was launched on 14 October 1998, fund managers, who are currently managing the fund, Swati Kulkarni. The scheme benchmark is NIFTY 100.

The fund has a 10.4% CAGR, 7.8%, and NA for 3/5/9 years, respectively. The cumulative rolling alpha for 3/5/9 years is 6.1%, 5.5%, and 4.7%. Its 3-year success is not good as it has not consistently reached his benchmark. Investors have accumulated lower returns than the fund for the last five years. It may mean that the fund’s investors were not satisfied with the investment process that the fund pursued.

The fund is likely to come down in the market. The fund will undoubtedly have an investment strategy that is quite conservative. The fund fell less and recovered faster than its benchmark.

Investors have macro-trend expertise and prefer to take targeted bets for higher returns relative to other equity funds. At the same time, even if the overall market is outperforming, these investors should also be prepared for the possibility of moderate to high losses on their investments.

Essential details of UTI MNC Fund scheme

  • The fund manager(s) – Swati Kulkarni
  • Launch date – 30-Jul-2005
  • Expense ratio – 2.4% as declared on 31-Jan-2020 (category average is 2.39%)
  • Benchmark – Nifty MNC
  • Min SIP amount – ₹500
  • Min investment amount for (one time- first time) – ₹5000
  • Min investment amount (additional purchase) – ₹1000
  • Type: Open-Ended Fund. You can invest any time in this fund.

Exit Load of UTI MNC Fund scheme

UTI MNC fund-growth fees 1.0 percent of the value of the sale; if the fund sold within 365 days. No other charges are levied.


  • 33% investment in Indian stocks
  • 29% is in large-cap stocks
  • 07% is in mid-cap stocks
  • 97% in small-cap stocks.

What is the TAX RATE of UTI MNC FUND?

If the unit is sold after one year from the date of purchase, then long term capital gains tax may apply. If your total long-term capital gain is more than 1 lakh, then the current tax rate is 10 percent. No cess/surcharge will be included. If it is sold one year before the date of purchase, short term capital gains tax will apply. The current tax rate is 15%. 15% does not include any termination/surcharge.

In the past year, the fund manager updated the portfolio less frequently than peers. (i.e., the fund manager held portfolio stocks/bonds for a more extended period than peers)


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