What is so new about iPhone 5?

By on November 28, 2012

We thought we had everything that we were looking iniPhone 4, but with the latest addition in the Apple iPhone family with the latest invention of iPhone 5 which is much longer with a superior display, free turn-by-turn navigation system, and a full speed A6 processor, it is also much more leaner, faster, spikier and light as a feather. It wouldn’t surprise us at all if that is the best iPhone in the market.

The iPhone 5 entirely restructures iPhone on a scaffold of fresh features and design.  The new features address its main earlier drawbacks. It’s of course the best iPhone to date, and it has smoothly secured itself in the utmost position in the world of smart phones.


 The phone exactly looks like iPhone4 but the magic is when you hold it in your hand and then you feel – you haven’t seen it at all. The new design hardly has any weight which is just 3.9 ounce with a much bigger screen and LTE wireless and this comes with larger than before battery life.

It’s hard to believe that iPhone 5 is the slimmest and airiest iPhone among the iPhone family despite having amazing features like a display of 4 inch, 8 megapixels isight camera, powerful and A6 chip and a super duper fast wireless technology.

When we say iPhone is the slimmest & lightest iPhone ever we mean it’s just 7.6 mm and 112 g in weight.  Apple not only created such a slim but also created a nano sim card for this phone which is also smaller than the micro sim.

The increased display size of 4 inch at a resolution of 1136 X 640 is the largest retina display with integrated touch-sensing techniques.

The CPU & graphics performance of iPhone 5 is twice better as compared to A5 chip due to the new designed A6 chip of iPhone 5. The A6 chip is much powerful & gives you better performance but doesn’t eat your battery life. Thanks to the super duper fast Wi-Fi technology & powerful A6 chip which makes your apps on the iPhone 5 works faster and enhances its performance.

The dual band 802.11n Wi-Fi Connectivity Technique speed sups your Wi-Fi performance – up-to 150mbps. This would even beat your home Wi-Fi.
The A6 chip is also custom made to work with iOS 6 to be highly power efficient and enhances battery performance.


The camera on iPhone 5 is one of the best cameras on smart phones and this is also something new about iPhone 5. Though it has 8 megapixels camera but it has new sapphire-crystal lens and upgraded version of hardware which enhances the camera attributes like ever-changing low-lighting alteration, picture standardization on the 1080p video camera and it also hold the ability to take still shots while shooting a video. The panorama feature gives clarity and sharpness and brings life to the pictures.
No doubt the full HD video would also be equally competent with shake-free capturing of images, speedy video processing & lets you share the videos & pictures instantly.

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