What is a stockbroker, and how does it work?

By on July 4, 2019

Do you know what a stockbroker does? What are the main functions it performs? If you have no answer to these questions, we invite you to read the following post, in which we will clarify everything about it.

Brokers: Who are they?

The main function of a broker here is to provide advice to other people who do not have the experience to transact in the different financial markets. The best discount brokers in India are known for having extensive knowledge in finance and playing an active and important role in the stock market. It could be said that the broker acts as an intermediary, that is, a person who is between the broker and the investor who is interested in buying or selling.

The stockbroker advises its clients on finances so that they can obtain the best possible returns. It is also responsible for managing purchases and other operations performed by its customers. Then it can be said that a broker’s work cycle begins when one of his clients buys an asset and ends when he sells it and permanently closes the operation.

Stock Broker: Functions

Among the functions performed by the discount brokers in India, one can find:

  • Intervene in the purchase / sale of assets such as securities.
  • Order securities in the concerned market (public offer of sale, or also known as OPV). This is to be done when a company is interested in starting to quote on the stock exchange; it should be directed to the broker, who will be in charge of looking for a buyer for their shares.
  • Inform and advise the client as well as the companies.

 Stockbroker: How to choose the right stock broker?

Here are some aspects or requirements that the broker must meet, so you can select the right broker:

  • Experience: It is important that you can choose someone who has sufficient experience in the work of a stockbroker, because if you choose a young person who has little experience, you may commit errors that will negatively influence investments.
  • Credibility: It would be very useful if you can ask your broker to show you a table with the results and returns that he has obtained from his clients. And it is clear that it is not convenient to hire a consultant whose predictions and analysis are wrong.
  • Favourable opinions: It is possible to find opinions on the internet of clients about the broker you wish to hire, that is why it is very important that you look for all the information you can.
  • Low costs: It is appropriate to be able to choose a broker that has acceptable prices and not the one with the lowest prices. Since the stockbrokers earn their salary by means of the commissions, they charge when making their operations.

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