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It is the most complex piece of studio equipment with analog and digital processor servo system, micro-processor, memory, logic circuits and mechanical devices etc. VTR room is provided at each studio centre. It houses at least two console types “A Video Tape Recorder” and a few broadcast standard Video Cassette Recording (V.C.R). Here recording is done in play back format CAM.

Quality of output is tested immediately after recording is completed so that if there is any technical or any other problem the same could be rectified and the final recording is of good quality.

During the original transmission the programme tapes are played back from the V.T.R. The audio and video labels can also be adjusted from here. The format of programme from mini D.V.C to J3 is transferred in the VTR room, DD news, OTR (Off Telecast Recording) is also recorded for the use in original news programme.


The video and audio outputs are routed through a production control room. This is necessary for a smooth flow and effective control of the programme material. This room is called the Production Control Room. It is managed by the programme director; his assistant is the camera control unit engineer, a video mixer expert, a sound engineer and a lighting engineer.

The video and audio outputs from different studios and other sources are terminated on separate panels in the control room. One panel contains the camera control unit and video mixer. In front of this panel are located a number monitors for editing and previewing an incoming and outgoing programmes. Similarly another panel houses microphone controls. This panel is under the control of the sound engineer who is consultant with the programme director selects and controls the available sound output.

The producer and the programme assistant have in front of them a talk back control panel for giving instruction to a camera man, audio engineer, and floor manager. The producer can talk over the intercom system to the VTR. The lighting is controlled by switches and faders from a dimmer console which in also located in the control room.

PCR includes following two sections,

  • Vision Mixer
  • Audio Distribution Amplifier (ADA)

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