Video Surveillance Systems and their contribution to Citizen Security

By on August 30, 2019
Video Surveillance Systems

As a company or as citizens, it is more than clear that we want to see reflected accurate and effective results of the operation exercised by the government, through the Ministry of Defense through expert bodies and in charge of the security of our country.

The constant search to make each space a safer place, emerged solutions such as the quadrant security scheme more effective citizen service lines, prevention and promotion programs for insecurity, and even media programs.

While on the other hand, the public force saw in the closed circuit television a tool that would strengthen the schemes and policies of citizen security and coexistence. In country, for example, the district government invested in the purchase and installation of City Surveillance Solution cameras that, under a CCTV Command and Control for the Police, would end up being the alternative to mitigate the insecurity of the city.

Without a doubt, this project implemented in the city, that has contributed to security, and has made the task and the promptness of the police in each of the cases a little less difficult. However, there are those who believe that the number of cameras is not enough, since a larger number is needed to be able to cover almost the entire city and obtain better results.

Despite the above, video surveillance has been important in processes such as that of situations that showed the effectiveness and functionality of these mechanisms when it comes to dispensing with evidence that clarified the facts.

On the other hand, seen by the authorities as a reinforcement of security for the localities, there are numbers of video surveillance cameras, which have nothing to do with the district network, but which are installed mainly in buildings, offices, bars, shopping malls, neighborhood stores, banks and closed sets. These numbers of cameras are operated by individuals and to the same extent they have functioned as a system that contributes to the safety of owners and citizens.

Leaving full security in the hands of the authorities, is not quite so efficient, perhaps this is one reason why video surveillance has taken a giant step. The technology has undoubtedly given the functionality of protection and decrease of insecurity in the city.

Murders, bribes, capture of criminal gangs, and even know the operation of criminals, have been some of the results of video surveillance in the capital and, that without a doubt, these criminal cases occurred put in a state of alarm to the authorities to be more drastic with the solutions to each of these episodes, because the coldness with which they moved these vandals were framed on the screens.

Security is built and we all do: public authorities, private companies, leaders and citizens. Video Surveillance is a system that will give strength to the security scheme of your company or business, as well as protecting your facilities 24 hours a day and in real time.

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