Top 10 Must-Have Gaming Apps for Your Android Tablet Pc Owner

By on March 28, 2017
Gaming Apps

Google Android offers a wide access to a plenty of games on board, and provides an exhilarating gaming experience. Here, we get you the low-down on the games, which are a pure pleasure, and worth every dime. In short, these games are definitely big, big keepers and you can easily play in your Android Tablet PC. 

  • Pokemon Go

Released: July, 2016

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Pokemon Go, when unveiled, was a regular gaming app, but, however it gripped the markets with frenzy in no time and was crowned the best gaming app for 2016. A global sensation, Pokemon Go is a location-based, augmented reality app, playing which, you move across the real world from the virtual screen, catch Pokemons, and tap on Pokestops to collect the essentials. The future holds great promise for the game, as many new Pokemon updates and a battery of mechanic changes are in the pipeline.

  • Star Wars: Force Arena

Released: January, 2017

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Constellate the icons of war together, and take on the other players across the globe. You have to construct a troop by cherry-picking from the 80 upgradable characters, and seek victory. And, considering the fact that you can invite your friends to join the combat, this game is indeed a keeper. Keep progressing, harness the strategical powers, and win rewards and bonus points.

  • Vainglory

Released: November, 2014

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Vainglory brims with real-time action and how! The gameplay is highly charged, where you pick your favorite playable hero and leads a forceful team on a mission that’s really promising. You enjoy gaming in its true might at 60 FPS and sub-30ms control responsiveness, which is unmatched. Be a strong captain, climb ranks and earn more rewards.

  • Heart Star

Released: February, 2017

Price: Free

Scenario: Heart Star is a sweet puzzle, giving quite a jig to your brains and checking your ingenuity. Two littlehearts, stuck in two worlds, strive every bit to come out of the maze. Your job? To help them do so. Make a switch between both the worlds to solve the puzzle, and strike gold. Every day new puzzle, every day more puzzles to churn you up. That’s Heart Star!

  • Batman: Arkham Underworld

Released: 2016

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Be the malevolent character, and unleash wickedness on the protagonist, Batman! The better you get of him, the stronger you emerge as the ultimate nemesis of the city. You recruit super-villains to acheive your nasty missions, and upskill an army of thugs to crush your rivals. So, raise a crime stronghold, create hideouts, go fussing around the streets, cull your enemies, and maraud their turfs, using some high-power action. As you move ahead in the game, you unlock more abilities, much powerful than you already have. This game is so actionable that you can’t afford to give it a skip.

  • realMyst

Released: November, 2000

Price: 6.99 USD

Scenario: Explore the forest sheathed in mist, and experience a real class of adventure with realMyst. You move across a surreal backdrop, ripe with channelwood trees, and discover a path that takes you to the destination. With realMyst, you interact with an environment of rains, fountains, and dynamic sounds of water ripples, which look very realistic and naturalistic. You get smooth navigation, both simple and advanced in nature, to run forward, change direction, invert look and much more. RealMyst is your fantasy coming alive at your fingertips and giving an edge to your gaming escapades.

  • Call of Duty: Heroes

Released: November, 2014

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Heroes unite against the villainous plots, and pull off smart maneuvers to quash the evils! A 3D combat strategy game by characteristics, Call of Duty: Heroes, puts you in the vanguard of the battle, where you lead a belligerent pack of heroes, soldiers and drones to win the wars. The customization options are really incredible, using which, you can customize the base, and provide specialized trainings to your elite troops using cells like Juggernauts and Dragonfires. Launch an assault on your rival action in three modes, namely PvP, Survival and Campaign.

  • Reigns

Released: August, 2016

Price: 2.99 USD

Scenario: Go through the emotions of being a king, whose only motive is to safeguard its kingdom. This is Reigns in a line. You get into the skin of a warrior, and simulate bravery that’s commanded as a monarch. Your swipes impose your decisions, which have cumulative effects on your kingdom’s religion, the citizens, the armed forces, and of course, the treasury. So, staying decisive is the only thumb rule of survival. You need to strike a balance between various influential facets of your kingdom, and if any of these doesn’t match up to the required level, you lose the ‘reigns’.

  • Sky Force 2014

Released: June, 2014

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Sky Force 2014 puts you right in the center of unbridled scrolling-shooting action. You fly, yes fly, in a 3D graphical set-up, neutralizing the evil forces, escaping the bullets, and doing some strong gameplay. The game maintains a fleet of PLANES, which ensures thrilling encounters. Plus, it also has a plenty of boost-up options, which keep you in satisfying supply of essentials in your aerial, combative mode. Just troop in with your arsenal, and keep unlocking the stages to taste the game’s real flavor!

  • Asphalt Xtreme

Released: October, 2016

Price: Free (With IAPs)

Scenario: Asphalt racing has been a pure sporty spectacle that takes the madness of street racing to a whole new level. You’re sure to get a major adrenaline rush, flooding your entire system. With Asphalt Xtreme, you take your fancy wheels to the wild, rugged side of the city, and vroom your way to the finish on snowy, muddy tracks. The game features a snazzy line-up of cars, from the entry-level models, such as Dodge Dart to supercars like Bugatti Veyron. The experience is simply unparalleled that leaves you wanting for more.

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