Tips and Tricks to Consider while Buying a Room Heater

By on January 24, 2018
Buying a Room Heater

During the chilling winters, a room heater can give a big relief. Especially when you come home from a cold place the warmth can soothe your senses and keep you comfortable. But many of us don’t have much idea as to which heater is right for us. It sounds like a simple task but selecting the top room heaters for room can make a huge difference. Here are a few tips that will help you make smart choice:

1.When to Buy Infrared Heaters 

The infrared heaters are really easy to deal with. They heat the entire room so space is more comfortable for longer. It is easy to install, you just need to plug in the cord and it starts the heating process right away. The price of this heater depends upon the watts you are going for. These heaters do not produce any smoke or other harmful by-products. As they do not burn anything the humidity level of the room stays still.

The heating element in this type of heater gets red by heat. It is dangerous to get in touch with its heated rods. If you are adult you can buy this heater for your space. But if you have children playing around then it is not a good idea to buy this heater

Quick Note: Now there are many infrared heaters that come with iron rods protection so you can buy them for extra protection.

2.Room Heater for a Single Person 

If you want to have a room heater for just one or two people then the Radiant heater is your go to. They can warm any personal space quickly. It will keep you cosy and comfortable throughout the day. The heat coming out of this device is similar to the one that comes out of a campfire. The direction of the heater plays an important role as the heat from the device travels through the objects in its path and warms up the medium that comes in its direction. You can place this device on a nightstand and it will keep you warm all night. As the heat is focused in such heaters you can buy an electric radiant heater and mount them on the ceiling, floors etc. to direct the heat where it is needed.


  • Radiant heaters are Cheaper than other heaters.
  • They give quick heating.
  • Safe to keep in any place.


  • Heats just the focused place, not the entire place.
  1. Get a Heater with Best Heating Capacity 

When we are looking for a heater the first thing that strikes our mind is

“ will this heater give me the required heat or not?”.

If you have no idea about heaters than you might make a mistake in choosing the right device. If your focus is on heating the entire space then a convection heater will work for you. It takes time to warm up space but covers the heat from these devices cover the whole area. Though they are not as powerful as other heaters, they do a good job in covering more space. There are models that come with or without a fan. You can buy a model that comes with a fan and it can be used in summer after turning off the heater.

  1. Buy a Heater that has Least Noise Level 

As we get used to the noise ceiling fan one doesn’t need to get used to the noise of a room heater. Due to the advancement of technology now you can shop for heaters that create the least noise while functioning. The non-fan forced units are the ones that don’t create any noise. For instance, an oil-filled radiator, baseboard heater, is the perfect example of no noise heaters.

5.Best Room Heater for Asthma Patients 

Many people are afraid of buying a room heater as there is common notion that it might produce harmful gas. But the new heaters come with a technology that produces heat without causing any air quality problems.  If you want to take some extra precautions you can avoid buying low-quality heaters that work on gas furnace system. Buying a low-quality gas based room heaters can irritate your throat, eyes or nose and trigger asthma.

From Where you can Shop for Room Heater online 

The online stores have a wide number of options when it comes to room heaters. The features, price, warranty, everything is clearly mentioned there. Plus it gives the option to make the purchase by sitting comfortably in at one place. If you are not sure about the product you can also see reviews and buy one for yourself. Amazon, pepperfry, flipkart are some of the sites where you can find everything under your budget.

So, the next time you plan on buying a room heater just keep these tips in mind and you will have a great shopping experience.

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