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By on January 29, 2018
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Every investor and trader is well aware of the fact that stock market trading can be done only through a registered broker. Yes, you can’t directly engage in sales and purchase of stocks and other financial commodities with your trading and bank account. These services are provided by registered brokers for which you have to pay brokerage fees. Firms provide different types of charges for different services. Hence it is your duty and responsibility to select the best brokerage firm to save a good amount in terms of brokerage fee. Here are some of the important tips for the same.

Select the right plan

There are different plans to select from when you open your trading account. Most of the brokerage firm provides free accounts to start with. Have a close look at different type of plans along with its features and benefits. There are accounts to provide you with limited and unlimited transactions per month or year on fixed cost and per transaction brokerage fee. Make a good comparison and select the best plan that helps you to get trading services at low brokerage rates.

Account maintenance charge

Your account maintenance charge can certainly make an impact on brokerage fee. Even though most of the brokerage firms provide free accounts, they charge some amount as account maintenance charge. This can be collected on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis as per the agreement. This charge is against the use and maintenance of trading accounts. You will be provided with an online account to help you engage in trading at any time through multiple platforms. You will get necessary updates and support from the brokers in maintaining the account.


Most of the reputed brokerage firms provide you with research reports. These reports help you to take right decisions at the right time to make the investment in right portfolios. These reports help a lot in studying the character of the market to keep the investment in the safe zone by purchasing and selling the stock at the right rate.

Customer service

You will be certainly looking for high-level customer service to make yourself free from any of the doubts. It is quite common that you will have doubts and questions about your trading transactions. Brokerage firms will keep you informed about the latest happenings and best deals in the stock market. High-quality customer services are provided by the reputed firms to keep the traders and investors satisfied.

Compare and select

Since there are several brokerage firms in the country to select from, get the list of top ten brokerage firms to make a good comparison. Most of the traders and investors select the best low brokerage firm through this method. At present, you can get the list of top ten brokers in the country sitting in the comfort of your room. There are several firms to provide free brokerage for several segments. Hence a good comparison really helps you get high-quality services and to save a lot in brokerage fee.

Now enjoy a good stock trading session with the service of the reputed brokerage firm.

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