Tips on Hiring an Android Developer

By on July 20, 2017
Hiring an Android Developer

What is an android programmer test?

The online developer test is meant to measure the basic android knowledge of a developer, as per the requirements of the employer or business.

Android is an operating system based on Linux, which works on smart phones mainly. The work of the android developer is to design applications for android users. The developer should be knowledgeable about minute details like java coding, unit testing, and other domains.

Thus, this test helps the managers to review the technical skills and abilities of the candidate, before hiring them officially.

Test details 

These topics are covered under the test.

  • Android tools
  • Life cycle
  • Components
  • Interface
  • Basic concepts

After testing the candidates on these topics, the managers make reports, marking candidates on different topics and areas. Thus, via this, the strengths and weaknesses of the applicant can be reviewed, which helps a lot during hiring and interview session.

Tips on selection

  • Look for experience: Before hiring a developer, always look for experience. More the experience, it will be easier for the candidate to adapt according to the needs of the clients. Developing customized applications is a hard task, and only an experienced person can work on it. The company should hire such an applicant who can design and work on different types of applications and can monitor the working of its subordinates. 
  • Check past profile: After the android developer test, the selected candidates need to pass the interview as well. Company administration should always go through the profile of the person, which is, experience, specialty, strengths, etc. Reviewing the profile will help the manager to check whether the person is suitable for the company or not. Evaluation will also help to hire the candidate and give them the best position in the company to develop and succeed. 
  • Innovation: The business managers should also evaluate the kind of approach the applicant follows. In order to ensure the success of the company, one should hire a person who has an innovative approach. Innovative approach means the person want to improve the work platform, meet the business needs as well as are capable of focusing on new technological measures. The innovative ideas help to provide an extra edge to the company, thus, earning profits as an outcome. 
  • Focus on quality: The viewpoint of the company should always be clear, that is, focusing on quality rather than quantity. It is advised to select people who are willing to work and are concerned of the quality of work being produced. There are many applications available in market, but only quality helps to outstand them all. Make it a priority to hire experts who can deliver such quality and can compete in the market.
  • Communication skills: It is important for the developer to stay in touch with the company, regarding the client orders as well as various development updates. Hire an applicant who is willing to maintain transparency in the organizational working and is comfortable with open communication. 

Thus, the above-mentioned tips will help you to select the best possible candidate for the position of android developer in your company.

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