Tips for Booking the Best Seats on Flights

By on June 6, 2018
Tips for Booking the Best Seats on Flights

If you are a frequent traveller, you will be familiar with differences between in-flight amenities and airline seats. Getting the right airline seat will impact your flight experience substantially.

Here are a few tips to help you secure the best seats on a flight like when you are considering New Delhi to Chennai Flights Schedule:

Do Research Before Booking

There exist several tools to help the airline traveller to make informed decision. Apart from providing list of flight options, majority of booking engines also offer information on aircraft that will be flown by airlines and what seats are available for each flight. Devoting some time to examine all such information can have an important impact on your travel.

  • Look beyond travel price

The cost of a plane ticket may be crucial, but making this the only criterion may cost you to miss out on a good travel experience. Though buying a cheap ticket will save money, it will prevent you from enjoying a good experience like good entertainment system, a comfortable seat or a power port. It is also vital to note that many airlines have begun charging for extras like early check-in, preferred seating and checked luggage. When you consider all these factors, the cheapest flight may work out to be expensive.

  • Consider dimensions of width and seat pitch

The distance between a point on one seat to exact point on the seat in front or behind is called as seat pitch. The distance between two armrests is the width. Pitch and width can vary greatly between type of aircraft and airlines. Though one or two extra inches of pitch may not appear as significant, it can lead to a huge difference in terms of productivity and comfort.  It typically means your knees won’t be touching the seat back in front of you and it makes it possible for you to open your laptop screen. Compare online the pitch and width dimensions.

  • Compare in flight amenities

When the aircraft features amenities like personal video screens or power port to plug-in DVD player or laptop it will make trips more enjoyable. These will help you relax, enable business travellers to resume work and keep kids entertained. Airlines differ in types of amenities.

Compare Seat Availability

The big airline companies permit you to view seat availability for flights before you select them from your itinerary. Ensure that you go through such availability maps and do a comparison with corresponding seat map of the aircraft and airline. If no good seats are available, it is better to book on another flight.

Select At Time of Booking

For getting a preferred seat on a plane, it is vital to choose your seat as early as possible. Most airlines and booking engines permit you to choose your seat at time of purchase. You must choose the best available seat by comparing seat map provided by booking engine or airline. If your choice is unavailable, provide a second option, which can be changed later on.

Call Airline Directly

Soon after booking a ticket, request airlines directly for choice of seats. Also, note that sometimes, aircraft will be changed at the last minute and so your choice of seats may not be possible. So take care to check with air lines till the last minute for choice of seats.

These are all some tips to help you get the best seats on a flight.

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