With the Influence of Technological Development, The Demand for Big Dawgs Is High

By on August 5, 2019
Custom Greeting Cards

Big Dawgs is one of the most premium companies who are well known for their work on digital items like video cards, video books, brochures, sales folders and many more. The demand for their products is very high in the market as the products they manufacture are very useful and they meet with all the latest technological trends of the market. The products which are most popular are the Video in Print items. The pattern they follow in order to set the business straight includes planning, designing, producing and mailing. With this pattern of production, there has been no looking back for the company ever since their inception.

The variety of applications

It is to be noted here that the variety of products they produce often is unheard of in the market, for example the Custom Greeting Cards, they make. Big Dawgs was founded in 2009 and since the very beginning days only, it had started custom designing of various items. And over the years, they have been making a chain of electronic devices that includes the offerings of video, sound, LCD, LED and many more. The variety of applications that are used are printed cards, marketing items, product packaging and many more.

The variety of products

As mentioned above Big Dawgs produce a variety of products and to name some of them are as follows:

  • Video products: These are hardcover and softcover cards with an LCD screen to play the custom videos. These can be used for gifts.
  • Sound products: Custom made greeting cards that play as well.
  • WebUSB: In here a custom made mini magnet is attached to the Web USB that can be used to directly link with a website or an URL.
  • Near field communication: These are business cards which also have an embedded NFC chip.
  • LED lights: These are single flashing LED modules that are created for retail displays and POP and POS applications.
  • Flashing LCD: These are flashing LCD animated signs that also use the Big Dawgs ePaper technology.

The cost effect

The cost of the products that are manufactured by Big Dawgs is not beyond a reasonable rate. Of-course, the price of a video greeting card will be a little higher over the normal greeting cards but they are still very pocket-friendly. The profit that is earned by the manufacturer is marginal in the sense that it is earned only after the product has a high demand in the market but is not very expensive.

The final word

As it is well known that technology in the present day is rising at an increasing level and in the time of touchscreen, the question that is hovering in the minds of the people is that is paper losing its touch or not? Maybe to some extent, paper might be losing its touch as the younger generation do not remember the ink stains on the rough edge of the paper. Keeping these things in mind, Big Dawgs is trying to merge the use of paper with LCD technologies in a way that has never been done before. With the Custom Greeting Cards and other gadgets, Big Dawgs is trying to keep the paper industry afloat.

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