Take an Eyeful of Old and New Bhopal in Your Next Itinerary

By on October 1, 2016
Bhopal in Your Next Itinerary

Bhopal the capital city of Madhya Pradesh is known for its blending of historical aura with modern plethora. The city is an exemplary to all those who loves to enjoy both history and modernity both competing with each other at the same pace. Surely, Bhopal stands the test of time and leaves no stone un-turned to hook its tourists by almost every possible way. Well to catch the mesmeric glimpse you have to visit the enchanting city to know it more to its root.

History that reflects old Bhopal

As you recollect the memories of old Bhopal, obviously you need to focus your lens on those old historical buildings. The massive architectural skills give an exemplary work of the European and Indo-Islamic architectural sense. Additionally, some of the buildings are crafted to portray the rich instruction of Hindu and Muslim architectural style. The ancient scenario of the city narrates that the place was under the dominance of four begums who used to rule the state with poise and grandeur. The successive succession of the begums to the throne of Bhopal certainly made the city witness some of the best works like well-connected roadways, waterways in the year 1907. To know the history more vividly try to fix your shelter in any of the best 4 star hotels in Bhopal.

Glimpses of Historical caves, monuments, stupa and temples

The enchanting city Bhopal has finally fortified the secrets of history. Starting from the Bhimbetka cave, which gives an insightful journey of the prehistoric civilization in India during the Paleolithic period even the tempting paintings carved on rocks in the interior of the caves vividly describe the lives. It is also the land of temples most prominent is the Birla Mandir which has the shrine of Laxmi and Vishnu. On the other hands, the stupa gives you the sight of the two thousand years Sanchi Stupa that restores the glory of emperor Ashoka enlightening you on Buddhism. In addition to this, the place also has the largest mosque called the Taj ul masjid or the crown of Mosque. Followed by Jama masjid, Moti masjid, Sadar Manzil and Shaukat Mahal, all are the true specimens of Old Bhopal.

Catch the sight of new Bhopal

The present day civilization has desperately repainted the canvas of Bhopal, they have intentionally moved from the old buildings to new malls. The malls, multiplexes obviously promise a new and up to date era. People are hardly seen loitering outside the small retail shops, big brands have engulfed the city in its new opportunities and promises. Some of the notable malls like Aashima mall, DB city mall, aura mall, people’s mall, twenty-first century mall all have the latest branded shops selling ensembles and other accessories. Now to be a part of these malls and enjoy shopping, you should book any four star hotels in Bhopal.

That apart the city has progressed in leaps and bounds in terms of information technology. Even huge industries like the Bharat heavy electrical as well as the industrial hubs also set their foot at Govindpura as well as at the Mandideep.

Well, these edify you how the transformation took place over the years. But still, both old Bhopal and new Bhopal are moving ahead with their hands held tight.


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