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By on November 24, 2012

Apple has done it again. It seems with every 15 days of time period we would be having a new liberation from Apple. The fresh hot brand new entrant variety of IPAD is in the form of IPAD 4. With the constant change in technology everyday they don’t have any option….time will come when new launches will be seen day-after-day.

Apple IPAD4

The 4th gen iPad, or, iPad 4 happens to be a starring ascent over the 3rd -gen iPad3, according to new benchmark tests.

The 4th geniPad is smart as a whip in every sense of the world. With its retina display it’s so clear that you’re actually touching your images, your photos, reading a book, playing any of your stringed instrument. Now this is possible because the primal elements of iPad – the display, the processor, the cameras, and the Wi-Fi connectivity – all work together to make over a stunning experience. And here is your iPad4 which comes with retina display – the best display ever on any mobile phone, powerful A6X chip which has the capability to double  your graphic performance & double your speed and a longer battery life. All this is just beyond your imagination.

Speed is the only change in iPad4 and by speed I mean its A6X chip almost accelerates the chip speed such that it has left all the other earlier models behind. It has a very highly built in enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity which keeps you connected with the world faster than ever – twice the speed of previous versions of iPad. A lot of tasks that one does each day may kickoff to spirit an entirely with a speed which can reach up to 150 Mbps.

All you do with iPad, you do with its astronomic, beauteous display with a resolution of 2048-by1536 resolution. This helps in giving a better & finer display. And when the display is better, finer & clearer, the whole iPad experience is fantasying. The Retina display on iPad has affluent color saturation, and a fabulous 3.1 million pixels.

The best feature of this iPad4 is not only that it has a 3.1 million-pixel Retina display    but also an innovative processor and graphics which enable you to use in your own innovative way. Now with this amazing feature can you imagine what would the effect on your battery life? A Dead battery!!!!. But surprisingly iPad4 still get up to 10 hours of powerful battery which makes your reading, writing playing watching & your creativity experience more wonderful.

The ultra fast wireless connectivity connects you faster than ever before with the entire world. The built in modern WiFi capability into iPad keep you connected twice as fast as any previous geniPad. It has a dual-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz) 802.11n WiFi and support for channel bonding, downloading speed which can reach up to 150 Mbps.

Built in apps of iPad4 are just extraordinary . You can shoot a 1080p HD, watch a movie or a web cast. Read a magazine or your emails or stay connected face-to-face over face-time. You can make your excel work more  simpler with your spreadsheets. Or you can shoot a Hollywood style trailer for fun or record your whole gamut of different of emotions & experience in HD video in full 1080p all in just one single device.

Now it’s also worth shifting to this latest technology gen-next iPad4 when it comes in the same price of iPad3 with much more better functions & enriching experience.

So it makes sense to shift to the gen-next iPad4 which comes in the same price of iPad3 which more better functions & enriching experience.

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