Strategies to Make Recruitment, Work for You

By on September 14, 2017
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An organization growth depends on various factors, but one of the major aspects that can change the future of an organization is its employees. The right people can take your organization to a great future while the wrong ones can lead you to decline. In this competitive world, where almost all things can be accessed, from technology to products to marketing strategies and even capital sources, one thing that gives an edge to the top organizations is its employees.

But in this world full of hirers and a sea of potential candidates to hire the right people is a tough task. And to grow exponentially you need the best people at your work place. And the only way is to have a recruiting strategy that works around the clock.

To get the best employees, organization needs to project themselves as best employers. Recruiters need to keep this in mind that everything your company does presents the quality of your workplace. From customer service to your hiring process, all express the standards of your work place.

Hiring processes include some basic steps that all organizations follow. They are: inviting job applicants where recruiters look for job applicants from job portals, social networking platforms, or may go for campus or referrals. Secondly, they screen the job applicants through tests like technical skills assessment which are job specific; computer skills like Microsoft excel skills assessment, Microsoft PowerPoint skills assessment, etc., personality skills like attitude, time management, etc. The third stage is where selected candidates face interviews and finally, selections take place.

This process needs to be strategically customized in a way to make recruitment helpful in organization growth.

Treat Your Applicants Well

The job applicants are no different than your customers, treat a great candidate in a way you would treat a great customer. The way you go to all pins and polls to get a keep great customer the same is to be done with a great candidate. Call them immediately, offer good packages and try to provide all it takes to retain such a candidate. As such candidates are in huge demand, if not treated well can easily jump from your workplace to your competitors.

Always Keep In Mind the Cost: Benefit Ratio

There are various costs spend on an employee: recruiting cost, salary, benefits, work space, training, and on boarding. You need to have accurate knowledge of all these costs.

Any employee works for an organization and is worthy of the benefits it returns to the organization. There are various ways an employee returns to the company, such as sales, handling expansion, relief, development. These benefits that an employee returns should also be calculated well.

The costs where are investments, the benefits are returns, and you should calculate the return on investments which should also be in a ratio where returns are almost 5-8 times higher than the investment.

Reduce Your Hiring Time

Hiring too slow leads to increase in costs incurred in recruitment. You can reduce hiring time by use of various assessment tools for screening candidates, such as aptitude tests, psychometric tests. These tests are for various specific skills as per requirements, i.e. from literary skill assessment to Microsoft excel skills assessment, from logical reasoning to mathematical skills. Good screening tools help in cutting out a huge loss of time on candidates who are not eligible.

Attract Who Fit Your Culture

Stay honest about your organizations’ culture. Provide candidates enough knowledge of what to expect at your workplace. Conveying real information of daily life in your organization will attract only those candidates who think they can fit n that culture. This not only reduces the time that goes into training a candidate but reduces employee turnover. And also improves the employer brand as an honest and ethical place to work at.

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