Starting a Career as an SAP BASIS Administrator

By on July 30, 2018
SAP BASIS Administrator

IT or information technology industry is very vast. There are so many new things happening in this sector every other day. And SAP is one of them. There are very few people who know about SAP. But SAP will help in building a good career. This article will give an insight into SAP.

  • About SAP Basis

The SAP is project management enterprise software and is very useful in all the industrial sectors. It is widely used software but still very few people are aware of it. Hence, if you want to step into this field, educate yourself about this software.

  • Career path

The first requirement to get into the IT sector is to be good at coding. If you have a passion for software the SAP is your destination. AS SAP is widely used in business, there are many options from which you can choose your SAP career. If you want to be an SAP SD consultant having an International trade degree or commercial trade will be a good head start. For SAP Basis consultant, accountancy/finance degree will do. In any of the following positions, it’s very important to know have a passion for IT which will help you in developing your business knowledge. This will help you to operate the IT systems easily.

  • Choosing the type of role

When it comes to SAP, you can choose from two major roles. One is functional and the other is technical. The technical role is suitable for those who love programming whereas the functional role is suitable for people who have good managing capabilities and can configure the systems as per the client’s need.

  • Work experience

As the saying goes “experience is the best teacher,” it is applicable in this job as well. To go to the higher levels in the corporate world you need to gain experience. If you have left studying, then you can gain experience by working as an assistant or a junior consultant. These roles will help you in gaining more knowledge about this sector. It will give you a chance to work with senior consultants. If you land up a job in a big consultancy then will help you in studying different certifications which you cannot fund independently.

  • To catch the eye of an employer

Getting a job is not an easy job. There are lakhs of people who have the same qualification as you. But if you need to stand out then you should have good skills in configuring a software. A certification will be an add-on. You should have a good understanding of the software and how it works. Your basics of coding should be strong. You should know the subject in which you want to specialize and then gain as much knowledge as possible in that area. Keep yourself updated with industry news and then you are good to go.

I hope this article was helpful and will help you to give a head start in SAP. There are many companies who are looking out for good SAP administrators. So, get ready to take off your career with SAP with Stechies – a free online tutor where you have access to free videos and study material.

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