Stanzolol Cycle- Stacking with other Steroids- Cycle for Men and Women

By on August 10, 2017

Stanozolol cycle is used by many people, and each people react differently. This supplement is also popular as Winstrol V or sometimes Winni V. This is one of the most selling steroids and the results depend on the way the person uses it. The cycle difference can be varied by the dosage or the steroid reaction or exercise, diet and few other factors. Many people discuss these differences in the forums and boards. Visit to know more.

Cutting cycles

Many body builders use Stanozololfor cutting and for preserving the lean muscle mass. It also uses the fatty tissues and the fats are exhausted. While in cutting, it is also important to preserve the lean mass and cut the fat.

Estanozolol cycle 

Male athletes have that ability of using high dose estanozolol when compared to women. Men can take 8 week cycles and if he goes with more weeks, there are chances that his liver gets damaged. For good results, 50mg per day dosage is enough. For body builders, it is effective to increase the dose for every one or two weeks. Dose of more than 100mg each day can be harmful. Women prefer using Stanozolol drops over injection and they take lower dosage than men. Women should not take more than 10mg of dosage and the cycle which is recommended is 4 weeks.

After a week, the dose can be increased 10mg dose each day.The half-life of Stanozolol is nearly 24hrs and men prefer to take in injected and oral tablet has less half-life. The dosage can be further divided into doses throughout the day.  All anabolic steroids have virilisation effect on the women. This is because the androgen activity is increased in the body and this can cause few responses in the body and it is linked to the testosterone levels. Women can develop masculine features like body hair, deep voice and enlargement of clitoris. But, when women use Stanozolol in low doses they can avoid the negative effects.  

Stacking and precautions 

Stanozolol can give best results when it is stacked with few other steroids. Read more on Estanozolol can be stacked with anabolic steroids like Anavar, HGH, testosterone or trenbolone.  It can also be stacked with Promobolan, Anadrol, testosterone, Dianabol and Halotestin.When using Stenozolol and following diet, fat is cut quickly and the body gets toned. One can include more vegetables, move away from alcohol and tobacco, and reduce the intake of fatty foods, carbonated drinks and sweets. The person must drink plenty of water so that he is hydrated. Sleep is also required, so they must be sure to sleep for 8hrs a day. Increasing the intake of Vitamin C and eating vitamin C rich foods is important. As it is used in cutting, one must do weight training so as to preserve the muscle mass. Doing some cardio will also help burning fat. Before starting the dosage, it is important to set the goals. Few many look for tablet while few prefer injection.

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