Sony Extra Bass (XB) MDR-XB21EX – Mid-grade ear-bud style headphones

By on January 18, 2013

Lose yourself in extra bass with this steady, solid bass quality and unique design MDR-XB30EX in-ear stereo headphones. These are the mid-grade pair of ear-buds which are designed to give more enhanced treble and bass quality through its advanced direct vibe structure and 13.5mm driver units which is delivered through a lower overall frequency response rating giving intense bass and ultra clear sounds. They are available in various color schemes like black and red and body style and they soft hybrid silicone angled ear buds are available in 4 sizes to fit perfectly and to give solid sound isolation.


The key features of Sony Extra Bass (XB) MDR-XB21EX are mentioned below

  • Its 13.5mm driver unit’s pumps outs intense bass and ultra clear mid-range sounds.
  • It has an Advanced Direct Vibe Structure which provides acoustically-tight seal for superior sound isolation and deep bass sound
  • Fitting assist with angled ear-bud structure for stable and comfortable fit and is vertical in-ear
  • It comes with 4 sizes of Hybrid silicone rubber ear-buds for secure and comfortable fit and gives comfort even over long periods. It comes in 4 sizes – SS, S, M and L.
  • Its cord are Tangle-free serrated and durable
  • It has a carrying case to carry your headphones as your companion

From SONY one can expect is the great out of the World Sound Quality. And with every product they make we expect more. Similarly with no exception to MDR-XB21EX SONY brings out the most comfortable of the headphones without compromising on its sound quality. SONY claims that these ear-buds are designed to isolate sound and MDR-XB21EX are so perfectly designed to isolate sound and they do it with near perfection. About the sound quality, there are no words as the treble is way off and bass is absolutely great giving intense bass and ultra clear sounds. When the volumes are on mids and lows are passable and enjoyable but may be the only problem is when they are – it’s not less than a DJ and sound becomes unbearable as it tends to distort at that level that you may need to remove those headphones and throw them away.

Definitely the SONY MDR XB21EX headphones are a good choice if you are looking for buying a pair of headphones. These are much better in terms of its price, quality and design. To simply pen it down in simple terms they have an amazing bass, it has a nice feature of its flat chord which prevents it from tangling. The low bass in Dub-step and Hip-Hop sound are pretty clear and strong and while in high bass such as guitar, riffs and bass channels in Rock and Alternative gives really rich and clear sound. The angled ends of its ear-buds and the soft gel tips of the silicone rubber ear-buds give a great comfortable feel. More ever SONY MDR XB21EX ear-buds come in different sizes to fit an individual ear-buds and also give you the choice to change its ear pads. And its cost ranges between Rs.1, 800 to Rs.2000 and is available on various e Commerce site for sale.

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