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By on January 8, 2013

SkullCandy Headphones

This is for those who are fond of music and buy products like MP3 players and cellphones which provide good music system and when they buy these devices it comes along with the earphone in the pack. But when you need better performance and style then the in-house earphones – you fish for you sporting, stylish earphones. SkullCandy could be an option to buy these earphones.

SkullCandy is a one among the World’s Top Audio brands that mirrors the striking of music, style, fashion, and action-sports lifestyles. SkullCandy as a brand symbolizes youth and resistance, and has its motto as “Every revolution needs a soundtrack”. Headphones market has revolutionized by SkullCandy by stylizing a previously-commodious product and profiting on the accelerating generality, mobility and personalization of music.

SkullCandy is in Market since last 10 years and it target is Stereo Headphone crown and not audiophiles or casual music lover… As said by SkullCandy Company review – “ Skullcandy makes the SICKEST headphones on the planet for Snow, Ski, Skate, Surf, Wake, Bike and Music. With its white and purple colorway, and the Brooklyn street gang design, SK may have a winner in terms of affordability and comfort”.

SkullCandy mot only has best quality headphones for open air use, but also makes accessories for devises like MP3, cellphones, music backpacks and cool crowd. SkullCandy also has a variety of over-the-ear and ear bud stereo headphones and these stereo headphones are designed with keeping DJ’s in mind which can be used at home or the move as well. It headphones variety in comes in wide color range, graphics and designs from over-the-ear headphones to on-the-ear headphones like Mix master and Aviator which is over-the-ear and Titans which is on-the-ear. SkullCandy also has a wide range of docks for iPhones, iPads and iPods.

The SkullCandy color scheme brings a new experience to life and sound. With music comes color and may it be black or white or colorful as candy music as a way of life impacts how people see things. Music can change human mood by acting as a mood setter or alter an ambiance by acting as an ambiance builder as music stimulates the neural structure to bring on energy and motivation.

Soon after the introduction of colorful headphones they also came up and introduced unique great designs which are used an accessory and gear to complement an individual’s lifestyles. This generation of colorful headphones by SkullCandy was termed as rebellion, a lifestyle that elicited choice, youth, and character.

SkullCandy has survived cut-throat competition and has been a dominant player in the headphones market. Fear for the iconic skull is hefty and that is why the Top-Class Audio Brand SkullCandy has moved a step up with new and improved audio products and accessories with unbelievable style and exceptional performance. Anil Menghrajani, President of Rains International Corporation, Skullcandy’s local distributor. Says “We’re not only selling headphones. It is about a lifestyle, and it is about experiencing it. We at Skullcandy believe every generation needs a soundtrack, and we own it. We’re here to prove that Skullcandy is here to stay and our audio products are better than ever – quality sound and performance and a more defined style for the Filipino music crowd,”

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