Seedbox can Boost your Torrent Tracker Ratio – Is it True?

By on August 23, 2019

Often we find people are facing trouble using exclusive torrent trackers. They often get perplexed witnessing the strong protocols that deal with maintaining the uploading and downloading ratio. According to these protocols, you have to download the same volume of data as much you have uploaded.

Are you equipped with the same problem – “how to get onto these exclusive torrent trackers”? Worry no more as Seedbox is there for your rescue. Yes, the divine server has an extreme solution to all your torrent related problem.

How is this possible?

This remote server, as we all know, are equipped with BitTorrent Protocol. Means you have the access to transfer a large volume of digital files over the internet. Thus, with this high-bandwidth hosting server, you are allowed to transfer large torrent files in a glance. The moment you perform this, the server gets connected to the swarm and the file gets downloaded into its local disk drive automatically. With this, you easily get access to download them by using File Transfer Protocol.

Once the downloading is completely done, the server keeps on seeding the torrent, paving its way towards boosting the torrent tracker ratio.

Again what is torrent tracker?
These trackers mainly reside on the server that makes use of Bit Torrent Protocol for connecting between the lechers and seeders. The trackers manage to track the overall process, whenever a client request to transmit the files.

Leeching is defined as the process to download the torrent files whereas, uploading these files into the torrent is termed as seeding. Surprisingly, the remote server that we are talking about facilitate both leeching and seeding process.

There are certain features essential for improving the torrent tracker ratio. Knowing this will help you to understand how seedbox is responsible for the betterment of the ratio. Let us figure them out.

1. Speed factors: Uploading and downloading speed matter a lot when it comes to improving the torrent tracker ratio. A perfect balance in the ratio of uploading and downloading files implies guaranteed uptime connectivity of the server. This what helps to improve the ratio, giving more chance for invites.

  1. Fresh Torrents: Grabbing fresh torrents allows you to grab new files. Newer are the files, more they can attract lechers. This means you now have the freedom to upload more. Additionally, if the server offers a high-paced uploading speed, the number of files uploaded will automatically be hiked. This gives another way out to improve the desired ratio.
  2. File Size: To boost up the uploading process, people are asked to avoid large files. This is because small files take less time to upload without creating any hassle in the middle. As a consequence, leeching starts earlier than normal, giving a chance to have more number of lechers.

    But you don’t need to sort out files when you are using this high-paced server. Here large MB of files get uploaded in no time, thus reflecting the outcome on the ratio.

  3. Number of lechers: The BitTorrent tracker ratio directly or indirectly depends on the number of lechers. If it is low it will cut down the torrent tracker ratio. Therefore, it is essential to avoid the torrent with zero lechers. In other words, there has to be a balanced ratio between leeching and seeding. If this ratio is perfect, it can simply tailor your needs.

Thus to conclude, heading to install a seedbox is a wonderful thought. Its excellent downloading and uploading speed make it a prominent partner for improving the torrent tracker ratio.

What are you waiting for? Buy this server and start torrenting!

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