Samsung Galaxy S IV – Coming Soon

By on December 8, 2012
Samsung Galaxy

News is in the air that after the high success of Galaxy S3, Samsung is launching Galaxy S4 in April 2013.

It looks like more details about the next Samsung flagship is starting to be unconcealed but yet it is a secret. There isn’t much to talk about it at this minute but rumors breathing from everywhere are making this wait all the more excited. No specs have been unveiled at this moment but just for curiosity – what are we expecting in the new Samsung Galaxy S4?

But well, there are few specs that are in news. Firstly the S4 will have a quad-core chip which will be based on ARM’s A15 architecture which will enhance the power capability of our all time favorite resource-intensive tasks. It’s just not a super powerful but the eight core entrails would be ripping into 2 units:  the first would for the big stuff with A15-spec chips and the tasks which require less power it would with A7 which would bring in the best of both slow and the fast world.


Design and display:

As nothing is declared officially about the phone and based on assumptions of different blogs, some say it looks like Apple’s phone and same say it’s made up of shabby plastic body and some expect the phone to be made from metal and glass. But remember, glass phones are very fragile to handle so may be metal would be a great choice if given a premium, classy and sophisticated look and design. But at the moment we can only wish and nobody knows how the phone looks, what is it made up of and ta….so just wait and watch. But the only thing that we know about the S4 is its screen size which would a 5-inch display with full 1080p HD, 1080 by 1920 pixels resolution and 441ppi pixel density which is been decided by Samsung. This is ppi is 110 ppi more than the retina display of iPhone 5.


Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a quad-core processor which would be supported by ARM’s A15 architecture and would have minimum 2GB of RAM, which would definitely result in speedy performance. But hand on….. This news isn’t official..!!! But what’s so new and different about these processors? So many other devices have the same.
They should make something more powerful to be prominent in the market – may be they can come with an 8 core processor. But all that’s up to Samsung. We can only wish and expect.


When we are wishing and expecting that Samsung Galaxy S4 would have a 5-inch screen with an eight-core processor, we know the old battery of Galaxy S2 (1650mAH) and S3 (2100 mAH) would not be a good idea. Samsung will have to come up with a stronger battery life and to be unique may be they can be more innovative by if they could have something wireless to charge the batteries.

Other features:

Well, there are still more areas of up-gradation for S4 in the wish-list. Something like S-Voice – which can talk about the weather or set an alarm or do such small and simple things which make a big difference? May be then can make it in such a way where S4 can do it by itself.
Or they can have a 5-inch screen with 441ppi pixel density, a bigger battery life, 8 core processor, enhanced speakers & improved S-Voice. May be these features can make it a hot smart phone.

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