Rice: A fulfilling delight!

By on September 29, 2017
masala rice

There are many curries, vegetables and spices available to enhance your taste and satisfy your needs right? But have you ever thought about the charm of rice? Do you love to eat different types of rice? Come on, you cannot underestimate the important place of rice in your life. Be it masala rice, veggie rice, jeera rice, salty rice or any other type of rice; you can have a fulfilling meal time in the presence of rice alone.

There are people who are crazy about different rice dishes so much that they specially learn how to make masala rice and different types of rice too. They know that their days will be scrumptious in the presence of variety of rice options. However, if you are just focussed on the tasty aspect of rice then you need to hang on and have a look at their health benefits too. Of course, your beloved rice possesses so many Traits that you will go mad about it! After all, rice has plenty of health benefits; it is an amazing and instant source of energy for your body.

Energy and power

 Actually, rice is a powerful source of carbohydrates and so, it acts as a great source of fuel you’re your body.  Rice is formed up of lengthy chains of complicated carbohydrates that take time to collapse. As a result, carbohydrates present in rice cater a continuous supply of energy. Moreover the starch that is present in rice is effective for diabetics as it possesses very low carbohydrate content if compared with other eatables rich in starch.

No shortage of nutrition

Talking about rice, both white and brown rice possess their nutritional value.  White rice is extremely high in minerals like iron and calcium; itis rich in vitamins too like   vitamin D, niacin, riboflavin and thiamine. .  Talking about the brown rice, it is a great source of fibre and so, it helps in improving digestion.  Moreover, rice possesses extremely low amount of cholesterol and saturated fats   making it a healthy food for heart.  It is just because of its high nutritional content that rice is extensively used worldwide in diverse cuisines. Be it masala rice or spicy rice; it has made its place in the hearts of people.

Rice Keeps a Control

Do you know that rice is popular for controlling diverse ailments? Yes, if you talk about brown rice, it contains high sum of neurotransmitters that avert the emergence of Alzheimer’s ailment.  Moreover, rice also possesses antioxidant properties that guard the heart by diminishing the presence of heart ailments and stroke.  Similarly, brown rice is very rich in fibre and saves the body from different types of cancer.  Rice fibre works as a protection against the cancerous cells and thus guarding the body against cancer. So, if you were thinking that rice is just a delicious commodity, then you were wrong.

Thus, when are you going to learn different types of rice? Come on, you cannot skip masala, veggie, jeera, salty, chilly and other types of rice. Once you have tasted the rich diversity in rice, you are going to make it a part of your regular diet for sure!


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