Recover your Lost Data through Windows Data Recovery Software

By on August 22, 2013
Data Recovery Software

All of us have come across situations wherein some important files and folders saved on our PC and laptops have got corrupt. A lot of times in a hurry, we permanently delete important files. Files once deleted from the recycle bin or by using the shift + delete keys become irrecoverable.

Data Recovery Software

However, the solution to this problem is the data recovery software. These deleted or corrupt files cannot be retrieved by the user without this software. When the files are deleted permanently from the recycle bin, they are available on the hard drive, USB drive or media card etc. The data recovery software searches these devices extensively and retrieves:

  • Accidently deleted files

  • Files damaged during formatting of hard disk

  • Deleted or damaged partitions

  • Pictures or video clips deleted from the local drive etc.

A number of software’s are available in the market for this purpose. However, Kernel for Windows Software is by far the best data recovery software. This software is apt for personal use as well as commercial use. There are three versions of this product – Home/SOHO License for PC and laptops used for personal work, Government/Corporate License for small or big enterprises, corporate, Government institutions etc. and Technician License for organizations involved in computer repairs and data recovery. In all these spheres the Kernel for Windows Software has proved to be the best data recovery software.

The windows data recovery software enables:

  • Recovery of lost and deleted files including photos, videos, music files etc

  • Data Recovery of corrupt and virus affected files

  • Recovery of files damaged during formatting of hard disk

  • Data Recovery from partitions after formatting

  • Recovery of Data following the loss of MBR, File Allocation Table or Boot sector

With such great advantages, the windows data recovery software is a great tool to purchase. There are many options online whereby customers can first download a trial version of the windows data recovery software and when convinced they can buy it online.

The file recovery software usually comes with a wizard guide to help the user make the search fast. The user has an option to condense his search by mentioning the location of the file to be recovered or its name or the type of file. Using this file recovery software the user can scan the hard drive, USB drive and memory card to locate the deleted file. If the required file is not found, the deep scan mode option can be used. Once the file is located, it can be saved to any of the drives attached to the system. The software can also prevent future recovery of the file by overwriting the deleted file. FAT and NTFS file systems are supported by these software.

Next time if you lose any valuable data from your computer, laptop, mobile phone or any device working on Windows platform, do not panic. Simply invest in Windows data recovery software and recover all your lost data. These software’s are extremely secure and there is no fear of the deleted data getting permanently corrupt at the time of installation or recovery process of these software.

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