Are you purchasing new car tyres? What elements should you consider?

By on January 12, 2018
new car tyres

Irrespective of the type and size of an automobile, right set of tyres is fundamentally crucial for a smooth and comfortable drive.  As they connect vehicles to the ground and manage to keep it moving on the track, sensible selection becomes mandatory. A suitably chosen pair can significantly improve everything from handling and steering to acceleration and braking during the drive.

You might be thinking why you need to purchase new tyres for your car if they are fitted when you have bought this car. Well, every auto owner replaces the existing pair of rubber, when it wore out and lost its tread and texture. The simplest way of buying car tyres is to check the specification of factory fitted equipment. You may either visit a local auto store or review manufacturer websites for purchasing car tyre online.

Here I am sharing few essential elements you should never forget if you want to choose the right set of tires.

Which one is better among tube-type and tubeless?

The answer is obvious. Tubeless kind is better and safer option as compared to tube-type. In case of accidental puncture, slow air leakage only via point of puncture gives adequate time to drive to control the vehicle. Being lightweight, this kind of tires offers better fuel efficiency. Direct contact of air with rim dissipates heat efficiently and avoids heat-related over inflation. In fact, tubeless tires protect its users from experiencing tube related problems like balancing. Moreover, the anti-rust costing in the inner surface will protect the metallic rim from rusting.

What is the perfect size for a tire?

Despite sharing similarities of shape, material and size, they differ from each other by tread pattern and size. Before you invest your money in buying an expensive pair of branded tyres, consider checking the manufacturer manual or label pasted on the driver doorjamb or glove box lid.  If it’s difficult to understand this information, don’t hesitate to ask your local retailer.

Size is also mentioned on the side in a standard format like 207/57R17. First three digits in represent the width in mm/cm, the next two numbers show the height of the side wall or tread- depth in percentage.  In addition to that, the capital letter after four digits indicates the construction. Last two numbers represent wheel diameter. Once you understand the size specification, selection of right size becomes easier.

How to select a perfect tread pattern?

In simple words, the tread pattern is the pattern of grooves on the rubber. When it comes to purchasing a new set of tyres for your car; it’s necessary to understand the difference between available tread patterns. It’s the groves on the rubber surface, which decides contact patch, noise generation and ability to repel water during driving.  In fact, this pattern is an important characteristic that determines the final use of particular tyres. Tread patterns are subdivided into three different kinds:

Conventional: It is the most common kind, which is neither unidirectional nor an asymmetric design. It can be mounted on the rim in any direction.

Unidirectional: Tyres with unidirectional pattern have grooves, which look like A or V. Moreover, the direction of rotation is presented with an arrow to help users to mount it accurately. They repel water efficiently and reduce the noise during the drive.

Asymmetric: The tread pattern is purposefully designed for outside/road facing sidewall and inside/car facing sidewall. The outer portion is made up of a different compound to aid high speed, whereas inner part is made up of hard rubber to provide better tread wear.


Consider these elements, whether you are purchasing Falken tyre online or from a brand retailer outlet in your area.

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