Pre-rented commercial property – the hot pick of investors

By on September 13, 2018
hose for sale pre-rented property

Most of the investors are back to the real estate market from the stock market. Recent reports state that it is the commercial real estate sector that attracts and more and investors and a good portion of investments are made on the pre-rented commercial property. The present real estate and investment market show a great trend for these properties since the demand for commercial properties is expected to rise in good rates in the future. Here are some of the important factor that made pre-rented properties a compelling investment option in the market.

Pre-rented property

Pre-rented property in simple terms means the property that is leased or rented to one or several organizations and then it is sold to the new customer along with the tenants. Hence, the buyer of the property gets guaranteed returns on investment from the property right from the first day in the form of rental income that is transferred to their name by the existing property owner. Now you can find the best in pre rented commercial property for sale in gurgaon with the help of trusted commercial property dealers in Gurgaon.

No waits to start earning the returns


As said above, this is the fantastic feature of the pre-rented property that invites the attention of most of the investors. Investment options including bonds, shares, and real estate projects take some time to generate the income and they are subjected to future market conditions. On the other hand, pre-rented commercial properties never makes the buyer or investor to wait for the returns since it has been already on the track.

Financial assistance

Most of the investors look for the financial assistance from the financial institutions including banks for property purchase. Banks will certainly have a look at income generating potentials and risk factors related with the property to take the decision on loan lending. Since pre-rented properties are good income generators, most of the banks provide the loan to that of 90% of the entire price for the buyer. These properties carry fewer risks compared to that of other investment portfolios.

Stable income

The investment in products like fixed deposits, bonds and shares experience a rapid decline in the returns and most of them depend on several market factors in determining the rate of return. But pre-rented commercial property assures stable income for the property owners at a good rate of investment in returns. The rate of interest can increase with the flow of time with the renewal of rent or lease agreement.

Professional consultants to help you

Now property search is made so easy than ever before by reputed online real estate portals. The professional consultants make you free from the risks of paying a high rate of brokerage fee or commission to the unprofessional brokers. They help you find the best property for sale in Gurgaon India apart from providing the updated list of properties from your desired locations in Gurgaon. Now it is your time to make the investment really worth.

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