The Poem for Mother’s Love & mother’s day gifts

By on April 13, 2016
Mother’s Love

Mother is the one who needs no introduction and one alphabet consisting 26 letters won’t be enough to describe her. There has been various poets, writers, and painters who have tried to portray the power of a mother in their various form of art. Mother’s Smile by Michael Burch and “My Mother Would Be a Falconress” poem by Robert Duncan are some of the writings that explains a mother’s love very truly. Tagore’s work “The Hero” signifies a small boy’s victory over the goons to save his mother. This is exactly what every mother thinks about their children. The children are always a hero to a mother, no matter what they achieve or not.

Mother’s Love

Therefore, a proper planning for mother’s day gifts is very much essential. A mother is always very careful and thoughtful, while buying even a towel for their kids. And mother’s day is the occasion, when you can think to glorify her being. Various online gift shops are ready with their kit of mother’s day goodie. You can have a keen look on each of them before placing an order.

You can also consider the following as a Mother’s Day Gifts:

  • Personalized cushions would be lovely in this moment. Get four different personalized cushion cover consistimother’s day giftsng of your, father’s, sister’s, and your mothers image. Before she wakes up in the morning, place them in the drawing room. She would definitely be surprised.

  • If she sings well, you have to tactfully record her voice when she sings in her room or kitchen. Then get that recording edited for noise deduction and finally get a compact disc of it. Play it in the evening when everyone is at home. She would definitely giggle with a surprise and bliss.

  • Does she paint really well? Well, then an art exhibition dedicated to her art work would be a massive idea to celebrate mother’s day.

  • Get her a new relaxing recliner and she is bound to feel proud of you.

  • You can get her a new scooty and train her on how to ride it. It would give her a sense of freedom and she can go out herself and meet her friends and relatives on any day she wants without depending on anyone else.

  • A new recipe book by her favorite chef would fill her with instant happiness.

Mother’s Love

Apart from these wonderful mothers day gifts, do not forget to bake a cake for your mother. You can also cook one meal on that day and see the brightness in her eyes. She is the one and only one who has taught you the most important lessons of your life and therefore, it’ your duty to make her happy not only on mother’s day but all through the year.

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