Planning to Open a Restaurant? Here’s How to Finance Your Startup Business

By on March 27, 2018

Most people want to open their own restaurant business because they want to serve the people with delicious food and other kinds of stuff. Aside from their purpose, we also have to consider a profitable business idea.

However, looking for the right financing for your business is one of the most difficult parts to handle for many people. Don’t worry because this article will provide you some tips and list of the best types of loans that can help you achieve your ideal restaurant.

Equipment Loans

We cannot deny the fact that purchasing some new equipment for your restaurant can be costly. Especially if you want to buy stovetops and modern ovens, all of which are expensive. For you to have assistance with your budget, you need to acquire a loan for your pieces of equipment to lessen your burden on your finances.

There are a lot of equipment loans that you can avail nowadays to help you cover the things that you need in your restaurant.

Alternative Loans

If you already have a restaurant for a while and your revenue aren’t quite high enough to qualify for an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan, you can always avail the alternative lender. They are particularly well-suited for your short-term funding especially if you are going to buy some raw ingredients and restaurant supplies.

There are lots of alternatives loan that can provide revolving lines of credit. All you need to do is pay the funds that you will withdraw from your credit line.

Try to Avail a Franchise Restaurant Loans

This loan is only for future restaurateurs who want to open a franchise from a particular restaurant chain. One of the good thing about this loan is that it’s intended for borrowers, and they offer terms that do well with the borrowers.

When you purchase a franchise from a restaurant business chain, there is also the opportunity that they will recommend lenders. Typically, these restaurant chains have links with banks which will double your chance to receive a loan for your restaurant business.

Short-Term Loans

If SBA (Small Business Administration) loans are not available, you can choose a line of credit loan for your business. You just need a credible bank statement, and you can now have the funding for your business if you get fast approval.

Lines of credit loan do not have strict credit requirements, but it can be a bit expensive, Some lines of credit loans will require you to pay on a weekly basis which can harm your cash flow. If you are choosing lines of credit, make sure to plan how you are going to use the money and how you pay for it. You can consult Ashe Morgan on your business financing plan.

Capital Loans

A working capital loan is one of the best options if you are a restaurant owner who wants to cover payable business expenses. This loan is not intended to buy long-term assets as it is only a short-term option to pay for your employees’ wages and the like.

It is also an excellent loan type for restaurant owners who want to borrow fast money that is not that big.


Trying to plan on how you will finance your business is an important part to get you started. As for the financing, you can get loans for you to shoulder the cost of the operations and other expenses. You can take some cues from the list of the various types of loans above for this purpose.



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