A New Business, Properly Made

By on October 13, 2016

Roy was looking for a new business venture for a long time and when he received a partner from Jamshedpur for the starting of the business he was quite happy. However, there were things that needed to be fixed up first. Roy’s previous cyber café business was not running properly and so he closed that café. So he wanted to take the things bought for the cyber café to the new business place at Jamshedpur. Roy’s new partner also agreed to the plan. He mentioned that he did not have any proper set up in Jamshedpur and so Roy had to come and make the arrangements. For that those tools would be quite useful.

So it was very important for Roy to take the proper step for making the relocation of these tools. At the same time, he was also worried about the condition of the things and that how it should be relocated. As the deal with his new partner was done, Roy started to contact with a number of packers and Movers Company of Patna. But wither they were asking for exorbitant charges or they were being very lackadaisical in their efforts. Roy was not satisfied with any of them and therefore started looking for some other options. After a few days, Roy received the suggestion from one of his friends that the APM India Relocation service is a very apt option for such relocation. He also mentioned that at the time of his own furniture relocationhe was also helped to great extent by this Packers and Movers Jamshedpur service.

Having heard this Roy called them and a person with a very gentle behavior picked up the call and asked about the requirement that Roy had. Roy made a short briefing about the task that he wants done and as a result of that he received proper assurance from the person that the work will be done accordingly. At the same day a representative came to the Roy’s place and received a full briefing of the requirement that Roy had. After getting the full detail he gave a quote to Roy which as absolutely proper for him. As he accepted the quote it was a done deal and the representative left.

The day before the relocation a team of experts came to the place and took notes regarding the tools that needed relocation.The next day some appropriate vehicle came and a team took all the staff from the café, from the chairs and tables to the computers, to the vehicle. After the full loading was carefully done, the vehicles headed for the place.On the same day, Roy headed for Jamshedpur by train. When he reached the place, he was relieved to see the vehicles parked outside the new business area. As the unloading and unpacking of the staffs were done, Roy was happy to see that each of the things were proper carried as none of them had any kind of damage. This was a much satisfying matter for him.He conveyed his thanks to the APM India Team.

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