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By on August 8, 2017

Body building is a complicated process; people might think that if you want to do body building it’s all about hitting the gym more than the usual hours. That is possible but you need to eat every day like it’s Christmas and place a tent in the gym to work out day and night if you plan to be a buff for a short period of time.

But there is a shorter way (you can consider it a short cut if you want to), but what this does is with the use of (yes gym is also involved) but instead of eating a feast every day you replace it with protein shakes, whey etc. And for good measure, you accompany it with drugs. Not necessarily drugs for body building but actually made for something else. It’s just like Glutathione, it’s not necessarily a whitener but just rather a supplement but its side effects make people white and that’s how it’s used.

There is no drug for body building: nothing was really made for body building and the drugs that people used for body building were for medical use to treat diseases and symptoms like asthma, allergies etc. But because of its effects that make a body bigger, makes people faster and powerful many people used these drugs and body building adopted that concept and sold these drugs for body building purposes, although if you to get an asthma attack  it’s also perfect (wink)

Body building is science: If you don’t understand the concept of proteins. Nutrients, vitamins & minerals and drugs it’s hard to really understand what you are doing, the effects won’t be optimal and it’s a risk on its own. That is why one must have a deeper understanding of what it is all about in order to get the optimum effect and know which direction to take as far as body building goes. You don’t have to be a genius smart to be a body builder; you just need to know what you are doing and why you are doing it.

There is no perfect balance in body building: in the sense that you are taking excessive protein, whey, vitamins and minerals and even take the usual dosage of a drug. Since you are already taking excessive amounts in order to be bulky, you just need to watch out for the things that will happen if you take too much. A drug, for example, is one because drugs are dangerous if you take too many and you need to have a deeper understanding on how that drug you took works and etc.

These are the usual things that are posted at Steroidly.com. Bodybuilding health and information that any body builder needs to know in order to build safely. It’s a one stop shop for information, shop, and support. And did I mention that this site has a chat support that is super knowledgeable on the contents of the site? So you will know what you need to read and you won’t get lost.


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