Why is monitoring an essential form of Digital Parenting?

By on May 3, 2017
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You are opening a whole new world of possibilities for your child when you are exposing to modern time gadgets like smart cellphones, and tablets. When this device is connected to internet, it is a whole new cyber world which have its own fallouts and benefits.

This allows your child to access various kind of information and meet discrete kind of people from known and unknown circle. Hence it makes it essential to do cell phone monitoring on your child’s device. While this gives a whole new opportunity to children, it also provides a new opportunity for smarter parenting. The parent can know about their child’s behavior and his problems by watching his interactions online. Also, they come to know what areas their child is interested on.

Monitoring is also essential to safeguard your child from various online threats like cyberbullying and identity thefts.

Cyberbullying may lead to various kinds of abnormal behavior in your child and cause him low self-esteem and downgraded performance. This is abrasive behavior that your child may face from other’s and may impact his overall growth and mental setup. A child who is being bullied online are most likely to be bullied in real world as well. Being a parent, once you know about it, you will be able to help him in dealing with it. Dealing with cyberbullying require certain kind of behavioral norms that your child may not be aware of. Being a parent you can train him on how to deal with it.

Through these smart monitoring tools, you would be able to check their text messages, monitor their calls, setup alerts for some profane actions, view their online activity, track their location, monitor their photo gallery, block certain applications and many more.

Smart Parenting enables you to track your child’s steps in the cyber world and allow you to safeguard them and train them to take right steps in this world.

The modern gadgets may enable them to pass on their information online, which in case left unguarded may leave you and your child at the risk of identity theft. The modern day cyber criminals are well equipped to access anything once they have access to your basic information.

Cell phone monitoring not only helps safeguard you and your child’s information online but it also helps bind whole family together. It helps you to know the side of your child which you may never encounter in real world. How he interacts with his peers, how he deals with different situations, what are his hobbies, his interest areas etc.

Smart Parenting is not only about monitoring your child’s cell phones but also considering his online activities, tracking the people he is socializing with etc. There are various ill-faced this online world could bring to your child like drugs and sexting. You need to guard your child from being target to such ill habits. Also, there are various online stalkers and predators who could guide your child to dark side of cyber world.

One need to visit the online chatrooms to see the child’s behavior and who he is interacting with. For it’s the chatrooms where they are exposed to strangers from different genres. These strangers may lure your child and guide him to various worlds and destroy their well-being. Certain things need to be safeguarded from the very first time for once your child is exposed to them, you can never re-cover him completely to previous state. Hence it become even more important and necessary to monitor your child’s online activities. There is plethora of application available in market for Cell phone monitoring. They can be both paid and unpaid. However, paid have certain more features to completely enable you for Smart Parenting. And we don’t think any parent would mind paying a little cost to keep his child safe.

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