Micromax a117 canvas 4 vs. Micromax a120 canvas 3 Review can help you to be analytical and decisive

By on March 26, 2013
Micromax canvas

There is no dearth of variety, innovation and uniqueness in the overwhelming expanse of the mobile market. Every single brand name is found being on an ever rising drive of expansion. After all, the chain of demand and supply has to be sustained, and every house of mobile manufacturing does understand the need for living up and fulfilling the requisite mark of expectation. Similar has been the perspective of Micromax, one of the leading names in mobile manufacturing. Marketing and manufacturing strategies are to be worked out in such a way that the different types and variations in demands are satisfied. It is a fact that the demand specifics of one customer is likely to vary from that of the other. This is exactly where studies of comparisons become overwhelmingly significant. Obviously, if you are to opt from the brand type of Micromax, you would obviously be interested in knowing the areas of similarity and those of contrast. Going through a Micromax a117 canvas 4 vs. Micromax a120 canvas 3 Review can help you to be decisive.

Areas of similarity

Micromax made it mark in the realm of mobile manufacturing with the introduction of A110. Since then, it has been on a constant spree of innovation. It is important that you make out the grounds of similarity and those of differences between a Micromax a117 canvas 4 vs. Micromax a120 canvas 3 Review. Both the variations include quad based core processors. Similarly both are managed by the operating system of Android. While the Canvas 3 is managed by Android’s Jelly Bean; the latter is managed by key lime of Android. As far as the other aspects of similarities are concerned, both these versions are characterized by the presence of a similar screen of display. With display measuring up to five inches, you are in with lots and lots of convenience.

Memory storage is higher in the latest model of canvas 3

With regard to certain specifications including those pertaining to camera, connectivity, processing and operating units; both the versions are mostly similar. But for finding out all about the specification in their minutest details, it is necessary to be analytical. This is exactly where a Micromax a117 canvas 4 vs. Micromax a120 canvas 3 Review can come to your aid. In fact, gadget savvy campaigners can have a whale of time by making a comparative study of both these options. The similar review can help you locate how Canvas 4 excels its preceding counterpart with respect of its storage power. The memory count in Canvas4 is twice as much as that in canvas 3. So, if you are really looking forward to the options of gaming, and storing applications which require intense memory count, it is always better going for the latter model than that of the former.

Micromax a117 canvas 4 vs. Micromax a120 canvas 3 Review will also help set your budgetary extent, and you can make out why it is worth spending near about twenty thousand rupees on Canvas 4.

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