Make this Valentine’s memorable with customized cakes

By on February 11, 2017
Valentine cake delivery

Valentine’s Day is on the go and with valentines week the preparations will be in full swing. It is that time of the year when you are all geared up to make your partner feel special. Not that you need a specific day for expression of your emotions, but no one can deny that certain charm surrounding the Valentine’s Day and you want to leave no stone unturned in making this day a memorable one. However, if you are single you can also celebrate the valentine’s day with your friends, siblings or parents as expression of love doesn’t need a specific tag.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say that Cakes are the Heart of any celebration. Any occasion is incomplete without the quintessential cake cutting and Valentine’s is not an exception. If you are too busy to bake, you can pick a readymade cake from bakery. But nothing replaces the warmth of a handmade cake especially baked for your partner with love. But not everyone is a master chef and hence, cake shops are always at rescue which can get the Valentine’s cake delivery at your door step.

Here are few cake ideas for valentines that you can get custom made:

  • A heart shaped chocolate cake

This one of the safest bet while trying for innovation. Chocolate cake is one of the most popular cakes loved by almost all. All you need is a little experimenting with the shape and decor of the cake.

  • A gift box cake

With advent of fondant cakes, you can go to any extent with innovation. You have all the liberty to use various colours and edible decor materials. A gift box cake in white and pink would look pretty and yummy.

  • The Jewellery box cake

This cake will definitely win your lady love’s heart. You can try some gold and shimmer with the box and adorn it with edible pearl necklace.

  • Cosmetic box

Just like a jewellery box you can go for a cosmetics box and adorn it with lip colours and makeup products made of fondant and edible colours.

  • Strawberry cake

This can be a simple cake with a message on the top- be mine forever. Though the cake is simple, the message will serve the purpose.

  • The Beer/ Champion cake

If you are planning to surprise your prince charming, well then a cake with Beer/ bottles on top (made of cake fondant) will be a great idea to impress him.

  • The ‘Branded’ Cake

This can be a simple vanilla or chocolate cake and you can get it adorned with your partner’s favourite brands in shoes, bag, clothes, etc.

  • Cupcakes

If you wish to break the monotony of a cake and try for something different, go for cupcakes. Donuts are yet another substitute for cakes.

You can order cakes online which is also one of the best options for couple who are living in different cities. This will be a pleasant and sweet surprise for your partner. Don’t forget to send some roses along with cake.

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