Liver and its function and the symptoms in regard to the liver problems

By on June 2, 2018
Liver and its function


Human body is constitute of different types of organs and organelles. These organs have different sort of functions to do in the body. When these function comes from all the other organ in a simultaneous manner they the whole body gets on the move to do what is necessary for us to survive. Thus each and every organs and their function’s default can cause a lot of problem in the body of the human being. Liver is another important organ. It is located above the diaphragm region of the body at the right side upper quadrant. This organ is very much important as it has a function of detoxifying different sort of biomolecules and metabolites as well as the blood of the body. It also takes part in the digestive function also. It also has a secretory function and secretes enzymes that have a lot of digestive function. It is also produces different types of protein that have a lot of function in the body structure. Along with body it also produces different type of hormones. It is the site at which the red blood cells gets decomposed. In metabolism it is the main site of the glycogen storage. Glycogen is used as a source of carbohydrate when glucose is in short supply.

Metabolic activity

Being the largest organ in the human body system and having a weight of about 3.5 pounds liver has a lot of function. One of the main function is the detoxifying of the body toxin and the metabolic waste products of the body. Liver is also a site from where bile is secreted. The liver contains a group of specialized cells called as the hepatocytes which helps in the production of these biomolecules. Bile is a very essential compound that helps in the metabolism of fat. The bile produced from the bile emulsifies the fat. That means the fat get broken down into simpler and smaller droplets sized particles that helps the lipase which will actually digest the fat present in the body to metabolize the fat particles and extract energy from it as a fat provide the maximum amount of energy. And in this way the fat molecules does not get assimilated in the blood as its accumulation can cause a lot of deadly problems like heart attack and cardiac arrest.


Liver is also site of different sort of problems. The symptoms of the liver contains

  • Bruising which results in to bleeding
  • Swelling
  • Fatigue that will result in to lack of metabolic activity
  • Jaundice a most common liver problem due to malfunction of bile resulting in to symptoms like yellow pigmentation of skin and the eye mainly.


The cause of the liver problems mainly inappropriate diet and also bad lifestyle. Alcoholism is one of the greatest cause of the liver problem. Excessive consumption of alcoholic products depletes the function of the liver and might result in to fatty liver syndrome. Liver transplant may be the only way to treat the problem. Liver transplant specialist in India are present in every hospital carrying the transplant process successfully.

Limit should not be crossed

Anything excessive has got severe outcome. Similarly nowadays liver failure due to the over alcoholism is very much. People should get restrained themselves from crossing any sort of line that can cause a lot of problem.

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