Know What Fits You: The 6 Facial Shapes and the Ideal Sunglasses for Every Type

By on April 10, 2018

Looking for the ideal pair of sunglasses will give you some difficulty if you don’t have an idea about the shape of your face. That’s why before you go to an eyewear shop, you first need to know the measurement of your face to look for the right sunglasses that can suit it.

You don’t need to bring out a ruler or any other measuring tools to get the shape of your face. With your hands or by looking at the mirror, you can now have an idea what’s the shape of your it.

After knowing the shape of your face, it’s time to get your knowledge about what types of sunglasses are perfect for it. So here is a list of sunglasses for different face type and shape to help you out.

Round Face

Since a round face has conspicuous, smooth curves and does not have sharp angles, it will be ideal to wear sunglasses that have sharp angular lines. Sunglasses of this type will create an illusion of length and thinness to your face as well as fake cheekbones. If you got a round face, you should choose wayfarer sunglasses as well as rectangular and square-shaped eyewear.

Oval Face

People with the oval-shaped face are perhaps the luckiest bunch out there because most styles of sunglasses can suit this face type. Due to its quite even physiognomy features, folks who have an oval-shaped face can wear trendy shades such as wayfarers, cat eyes, and Harry Potter sunglasses.

For this face shape, it will do you good to avoid frames that are too large or too wide for your face. As such, you should always keep in mind about the size and proportion of your facial features.

Square Face

Typically, people with square-shaped face have a prominent jawline as well as a broad forehead. Now, for people with this face shape, you will look better wearing sunglasses if the features of the shade strike a balance of your facial features. If your sunglasses smooths out your sharp facial features, you’re doing good.

Thus, you should go for sunglasses that have an oval or round-shaped lenses. You can wear, for instance, butterflies, aviators, or types of sunglasses that John Lennon would likely approve. You can look for these types of sunglasses in sites like Deal Wiki.

Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are typically characterized by a broad forehead and an outline that narrows to the chin. Sunglasses with full lower edges and without a top straight line can suit best to people who have this face shape. It is because shades that have the similar features mentioned above elongates the face, thereby shifting the onlooker’s eyes downwards.

Butterflies, cat eyes, aviators, and sunglasses with shield frames will be the ideal options to consider for people who got a heart-shaped face.

Oblong Face

Oblong or semi-rectangular faces are narrow and elongated with little angle. For this face shape, it is advisable that you choose oversized sunglasses to add breadth to your elongated face. Also, it will be ideal to wear sunglasses that have thick frames and rectangular lenses as well as frames in vintage fashion because they sharpen smooth facial features.

Diamond-Shaped Face

If you have a not-so-broad forehead and a narrow jawline, but your cheekbones are noticeably wide, you have a diamond-shaped face. When choosing sunglasses, it will be beneficial if you choose a pair that has an oval-shaped and rimless frame because these features go well with your wide cheekbones.

Also, you should keep in mind that you select frames that are now wider than your cheekbones as well as frames that have smooth curves.


In choosing an ideal pair of sunglasses, it is essential that you know beforehand what’s the shape of your face. In this way, you will know what types of sunglasses that will be best for your face type. The list of the various shapes of faces and the ideal sunglasses to wear for each type above will help you for that purpose.




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