The Introduction of Momos to Indian Cuisine

By on February 2, 2018
Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is a big part of Indian culture, and like Indian culture has been traditionally known to include and be influenced by a lot of religions and a lot of habits from different states and ethnicities of people, Indian cuisine too has seen a lot of outside influences. Most of these influences have come from our neighbouring countries, and from the old rulers and conquerors that brought traditional recipes and food habits from their homeland to India. For example, Chinese cuisine is a very integral part of modern day India and has given rise to a whole new branch of international cuisine called Indo-Chinese cuisine or Hakka Chinese cuisine. Similarly, the Mughal emperors brought spices and recipes from the western Asian countries like Afghanistan and others and that has led to the development of the Mughal and Tandoori cuisine, which is now an inseparable part of Indian food habits.

Similar is the case with our other neighbouring countries, and a major portion of it has been led by Tibet and Nepal. The cuisine of the north-eastern states of India like Manipur, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Sikkim have been largely influenced by the food and cultural habits of Nepal, Bhutan and China, but the Nepalese and the Bhutanese influences are the most visible.
Nepal and Bhutan have imparted a lot to the cuisine of these states, and the most famous of them must be the influence of various momos recipes.

Momos are traditionally a part of Tibetan cuisine, but they have become a large part of the Indian cuisine as well. This is largely due to the fact that they are easy and fast to make, and the minimal use of oil makes them healthy. This has made it really popular as a snack item nowadays not only in the north-eastern part of India but also all over India, since more and more people are becoming increasingly health conscious and are avoiding fast foods and oily foods which are deemed harmful for the human body and health. Momos are traditionally very healthy, and they also provide great taste, so people enjoy eating them.

Momos are traditionally served in two forms, either steamed or fried, and they are usually accompanied with a soup. The best thing about momos is that they can be filled with any sort of fillings, for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian people, including vegetables, cheese, paneer, chicken, mutton, any other types of meat and even fish. And since they are steamed or friend with very less oil, they make for an incredibly healthy and light snack, which is also very tasty.

People nowadays are very interested in momos recipes, since they are very easy to make at home, and due to health reasons, everyone nowadays wants to avoid outside food and want to cook delicious food themselves. Momos give these people an opportunity to cook a light and healthy snack at home in a very short amount of time with the same taste as those served by restaurants.

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