Interest in Augmented Reality- The Field is Filled in with Amazing Opportunities!

By on March 11, 2019
Interest in Augmented Reality

The world we are living in has seen increases and progress in technology in great scales- we have taken leaps and bounds with developments with how things reach consumers and their interaction with businesses and amenities. With the Internet of Things and the fourth industrial revolution, everything an individual uses everyday is increasingly being connected to a greater system thereby allowing easy convenience and ease of access to everything the individual owns. This wave of the revolution has also opened paths towards Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, the latter further paving the way toward augmented reality- a concept that has been popularly worked on and adopted in the present day by businesses, companies and ambitious developers alike.

Why is augmented reality development such a hot topic?

Augmented reality is an excellent way to promote companies. It is also applied in a versatile fashion over many, many fields such as gaming (many video games have implemented augmented reality in their consoles/releases), entertainment, marketing, art, fashion, education and so on and so forth.

It is fascinating and so attractive because the technology allows for both producers and consumers to alter reality by adding a layer over it through concepts and skills. This layer could be animations, graphics, sounds, haptic feedback and even smells.

By the end of 2018, a study reveals that an estimate of 171 million users will be actively using VR and AR services. By 2020, an estimated 90 billion US Dollars is to be on the augmented reality market.

What does that mean for those who are interested in the field?

For those who are enthusiastic about the domain, there is good news- there are a number of opportunities to grow and scale your interests. These include but are not limited to:

  • Education

Technology has already taken over many aspects of the education system. Several schools have implemented more than just computer labs- they have tablets, smart boards, drawing tablets and some even make use of smartphones. With augmented reality, learning can become more effective and more interactive for students to learn and teachers to teach as it combines two of the most important things children need- academics and fun- through a medium that they want to be familiar with and that will be used in the real world much often.

  • Shopping and E-commerce

E-commerce has blown up in the current day. Augmented reality development companies have made it easier for these businesses to allow a better user interaction and experience by providing a means to see how the product they want looks in person.

  • Healthcare

Undoubtedly, augmented reality can make the whole healthcare experience more engaging and faster in terms of diagnosis and therapy. That is, doctors and healthcare providers can now see graphics of perhaps an MRI in real time and analyse it whilst discussing it with the patient.

With all the possibilities, AR is still a relatively new technology so those who work in or about it are sure to see fast development and a lot of scope.

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