Hunter Perret: An Inspiring Philanthropic Entrepreneur

By on March 14, 2018
Hunter Perret: An Inspiring Philanthropic Entrepreneur

Hopefully you know everything about the personal profile of great business tycoon and philanthropist Hunter Perret. If not here is brief to you about him.

He is from Lafayette, a town in Louisiana. He graduated in the same town from the University of Louisiana – Lafayette. Then he married Candyce Perret, with whom he has three children namely Pierce, Preiss, and Paxton Perret. He kick-started his career as an entrepreneur from the beginning by spending capital on gas leases and oil for production.As he progressed much as an entrepreneur, he increased his business to other areas to conquer as every other businessman does. Later he partnered with other investors and continued to flourish in diversified industries starting from the healthcare industry.

His primary interests include education, community outreach, and the faith-based activities. He is an entrepreneur who adapts his entrepreneurship as a philanthropist in business also to inspire people. He had his focus on his business progress when he was on duty.

When he hasa break from it, he works on to focus on philanthropy. When asked about if he is planning or focusing on new ideas when he is in the break, he said, “We render services in different organizations and we all strive to efficiently provide that. I do business for people and see how it affects the people I am working with and how it could serve them better. You know someone said, ‘leadership is checking all the things running around and caring about the people and things running along with you in the businesses”.

The Perret owns the ‘Perret Group’. It is a family owned private business launched at the same place as his birth. It is built to robustly promote the philanthropic values.

Perret has attended numerous funding ceremonies to support the best projects. Recently he attended the funding campaign at the Second Annual 24-Hour Citizen Project hosted by the Civicside.

When asked about his funding intentions, he said, “Being a financial manager, I would like to utilize my resources and spend support for the initiatives that develop the social responsibility and the community engagement.All through his life and career Hunter Perret looked up to set a strong example towards the dedication to the community and also setting a meaning for the purpose of services rendered by the Perret Group of companies. Though he needs to follow and track the growth of several organizations, he remains active to serve the people who are in need.


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