How To Use The Best Synthetic Urine

By on June 19, 2019
Use The Best Synthetic Urine

If you are here, then you have been given the warning that you will likely be facing a urine drug test in the near future. For many people this is a major problem. However, it really doesn’t need to be. There are ways around almost everything, and education is your first step to ensuring that you don’t fail this test.

You have several options available to you if you want to ensure that you pass a drug test, each option will depend on what sort of test you are undertaking and what drugs they are looking for. However, for the standard workplace or school urine drug test you can find useful information on a clear drug tests article, particularly if synthetic urine is going to help get you out of this spot of bother.

How Does A Urine Test Work

Out of all the possible drug tests you could be asked to take, a urine test is probably the easiest. You will be given a specimen cup or container to pee into. Sometimes (particularly for women) you may be given a tray to pee into, and you can then pour the collected urine into the container. This can make it just a little bit easier to actually get a urine sample, as sometimes aiming into the container can be difficult.

Often there will be a single bathroom stall set up specifically to take urine samples from all those who are undergoing drug testing that day. This makes it easier to ensure that there is no interference with the process.

Generally, you will need to provide at least 3 tablespoons of urine, which will be over half the specimen cup. If you can not manage this much you may be required to wait until you can. Or you may be required to undergo other forms of drug testing such as a blood test or a hair analysis test. These tend to be much more invasive than a urine test, and significantly harder to beat. Particularly on short notice.

Once you have finished, you hand over your specimen sample and you should be able to watch the person administering the test seal the sample. Often the specimen cups will have temperature testing alerts and php level alerts that will immediately notify the testing manager that the contents of the specimen cup are suspect and further investigation should be undertaken. They may simply ask you to provide another sample if they believe that the cup itself is faulty, or they may insist that you undergo another form of testing. They might also simply insist that you give another urine sample but under supervision, which means that someone (of the same gender), who is authorized to supervise, usually a nurse or lab technician, will watch you urinate into the container and ensure that the sample is actually your urine.

Once the sample has been sealed, it will be then sent to the laboratory to test for drug compounds and metabolites. Exactly what the lab tests for will depend on what your tester has requested. Generally, there are sets of drugs that are tested for and the lab won’t look for anything beyond these.

How Do You Use Synthetic Urine?

Firstly, remember that you probably won’t be allowed to take your bag in with you, and sometimes they may actually check your pockets as well, so be sure that if you are using synthetic urine it is on your person not in your bag.

Synthetic urine generally comes either in a powdered form or in a liquid form. Some of the liquid options have instant heat pads in the container so that as soon as you open them the fake pee is going to be at the right temperature to fool the specimen temperate test into believing that this is genuine urine, straight from your bladder.

With the powdered variation you will need to mix this in with water. You should be able to mix this in the bathroom sink using the specimen cup if you are given any privacy. Again, good brands of powdered synthetic urine will provide a way to warm the liquid, however if they don’t you can probably buy something that will do the trick from the same place you purchase your synthetic urine powder.

Once you have got your urine ready, you need to get it into the cup. If you are left alone to provide your sample this is obviously going to be relatively easy. However, often the testing administrator will be outside the cubical meaning that you won’t have access to the bathroom sink. In this instance you may be able to use water from the toilet cistern. Be cautious about using water from the toilet bowl itself as it may be contaminated from other users. You will want to do this before you pee, and before you flush.

One trick to remember – do actually pee. The testing administrator is likely experienced in giving people urine drug tests, and although they may not consciously be listening to the sound of everyone peeing, they will subconsciously expect to hear certain sounds. This also includes flushing – even more so if you are a woman, wipe and flush!

If you are in the unfortunate position of being supervised by a nurse or lab technician while you urinate then you will need to be super well prepared in order to pass the fake urine into the cup.

There are a range of products on the market that will allow you to attach a fake bladder and urethra to your inner thigh or belly, then it is a matter of trying to carefully squeeze the contents of the bladder out without being too obvious about it. Distraction is one of the better methods if you can use it. Not so much the “look, what’s that over there”, but being jovial and making them relax so they are not watching your urine stream as much as they are your face.



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