Halotestin is your Panacea

By on September 19, 2017

Initially touted as holding numerous therapeutic benefits, this extremely potent anabolic steroid was prescribed for the treatment of muscle wasting, androgen deficiency in men, lean tissue repair, malnutrition, and for healing bone fractures. It would also be regularly used to treat prolonged exposure to cortisone, paraplegia, breast cancer and often given to burn victims. Unlike many anabolic steroids, Halotestin was regularly prescribed to men and women, and while it’s modern day use is somewhat limited it is still used to treat breast cancer in some women. Halotestin is a commonly known as fluoxymesterone. Though primary effects of the medication revolve around strength and aggression, body builders taking Halotestin for fitness are very common.

It is very common to hear claims about anabolic steroids having adverse effects on aggression. These claims are often rooted in lack of knowledge and the truth is that Halo it just enhances an aggressive nature. This helps the athlete to push harder and be even stronger. While it can enhance aggression there are some important things to keep in mind. Halotestin cannot alter your personality, take away your ability to distinguish between right and wrong or alter your decision making process. It can give the individual a stronger, aggressive nature, but what one does with aggression determines if it’s right or wrong. How you channel your aggression will determine how effective this drug is. Halotestin is very flexible and the users have an option to choose different chuckles depending on their choice. Mixing and matching substances in a cycle is very common.

But it is recommended that, since Halotestin is an oral steroid, it is very to incorporate some type of liver protectant keeping your health in mind. Beginner Halotestin cycles lasts for about twelve weeks. Those who are taking Halotestin for fitness should note that it takes time for this medication to have an effect and is not advised for those who want instant results. Halotestin is known to be a very mild oral steroid with no or very little side effects. As a derivative of methyl testosterone with moderately potent anabolic as well as androgenic capabilities, this compound is not known to initiate any estrogenic or progestational activity in men. As a result there is very little potential for development of commonestrogenic side effects associated with anabolic androgenic steroidssuch as gynecomastia, water retention, weight gain and bloating, side effects does not mean no side effects. Make sure you consult a doctor before taking this medication and finalising on the dosage. Checking user reviews online and compiling their opinions can be helpful in finding specific effects on users who are similar to you with respect to body structure. Halotestin is not commonly found or prescribed outside of the country. As they are not approved for performance-enhancement purposes, very little research has been done on the effect it has on our body as far as body building and fitness is concerned. Rest assured, based on anecdotal evidence, it is a drug that offers promising results with very little side effects thus making it a good choice for fitness enthusiasts.


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