Great Destinations to Find in Bali

By on July 12, 2017
Great Destinations

Indonesia offers a lot of fantastic tourism destination. One of them is bali. This island has become so famous and it has a lot of attractive spots to visit. The island is also known as the island of the gods. This name comes from the fact that this island has a lot of temples. The great thing is that those temples can be good destination to visit. The temple is great spot for praying and finding peace, yet each of the temples also has great beauty to discover.

  • Tanah Lot will be one of the best temples to visit. This temple is located in unique spot. It is located on the rock facing the wide ocean. From its spot, people can imagine how beautiful the scenery is. During the low tide, even people can go to the temple by foot. They can also have awesome view of sunset on the temple. This is great spot to enjoy the beauty of ocean in this island.
  • The other temple is Pura Besakih. This is also called as the mother of temples in Bali. This temple is located on Mount Agung. Best moment to see in this temple is during the Galungan ceremony or celebration. Tourists can see the beauty of tradition and religion.

Of course, this island is not only about temples. Other famous thing about this island is its beaches. There are many beautiful beaches to find in Bali. One of the most famous beaches is Kuta beach. Kuta already becomes destination of tourists from all over the world. People love to see and visit Kuta since this place provides complete spots for people. For visitors who love to have water sport, they can swim and surf in this island. Its wave is great for surfing. Then, it is also possible to enjoy the sunlight by having lazy sunbathing while drinking coconut water or having massaged. Those are some great things to find in Kuta. Then, Legian can also be good spot to visit This can be perfect spot for surfing. The waves are great for it, even there is international surfing class offered in this beach and it is provided by the famous brand of surfing equipments.

For people who love to enjoy living with nature, there is awesome peaceful spot in bali. It is Ubud. This can be right place to visit. Even, it is possible to stay in this villages for several days since this provides some houses to stay and people can live comfortably with nature and the local people in this village. Restaurant and spas can be found in there. Of course, it is far from the crowd and busy town. There are large paddy fields and several ceremonial activity done by natives. Surely, this is the right spot for people who do not only need to find satisfaction for the body, but also for the soul. Its peaceful vibes will give enlightenment and this will not be easy to forget. Its nature and its local culture will be great things to find in Ubud.

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