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By on January 9, 2017
fidget cube

In the hectic life, most of the people are running to earn money so they suffer from stress and depression. To get relief from these stress and depression people do many things such as playing games, going for a trip, watching movies, videos, and more. There are many ways available to get out of the stress and get relaxed. There are different verities of products available in the market that helps to reduce the stress and depression level. Of course, the fidget cube is an excellent arrival that helps to reduce your stress and depression level.

What is a fidget cube?

The fidget cube is a toy designed that is used reduces stress and improve your performance in the day to day life. You can use this anywhere even you are in the classroom, on the job, at your house, and on an adventure. The design of the cube comes with six dynamic fidget that contains different features. The features of the cube are as follows:

  • Flow
  • Switch
  • Swivel
  • Soothe
  • Compress
  • Twist

The cube features are specially designed to keep you focused on the device and stress-free. The device is available on the online shopping sites and you can shop it to reduce the stress and depression.

Options available on the cube

The cube consists of six sides that contain different options that are as follows:

  • Click: The cube in the one side contains a click in which you will find a three clicker buttons and two silenced buttons. This will satisfy the clicker in each of the buttons and there is no need to click the pen anymore.
  • Glide: The cube that contains Glider button on one side that provides more enjoyment to the user by satisfying gliding action of the joystick. To operate this there is no need to be a player.
  • Flip: The Flip on the other side of the cube that allows you to flip the switch back and forth gently to fidget silently or for more audible click you can click the flip quickly.
  • Rub: The rub on the other side of the cube which is designed to inspire the worry stones, tools that are used to reduce the worry when rubbed.
  • Roll: The roll is on the other side of the cube that contains gears and ball that provides a rolling movement with the ball that sports a built-in click feature.
  • Spin: Another side of the cube that contains spin which provides a circular fidget and you can take this dial for a spin.

The fidget is available in ten different color schemes that are dice, midnight, graphite, aqua, and berry, sunset, fresh, kick starter edition, retro, and backer designed. It is one of the greatest stress relievers that you can use anytime anywhere. It is more beneficial for the kids to improve the creative mind and it also helps to discontinue the stigmatization of fidgeting which is quite beneficial and also normal.

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