Gear Up your Celebrations with 10 New Year Party Dishes!

By on December 13, 2017
New Year Party Dishes

When a year comes to an end, the heart really aches. Of course goodbyes are not easy to gulp. But what if you bid farewell to the passing year with a delicious treat? Of course, just welcome the New Year with high spirit and say goodbye to the current year with a delicious aura!

You can check out top ten party recipes for New Year! These ideas can set the stage for your New Year celebration. When you can dedicate a treat to the passing year and new year then why not! Just call your relatives, buddies and neighbours for a small party and enjoy the fulfilling time!

  1. Mint and Lemon Mojito

Just freshen up the spirit of your friends and relatives with this beverage. This mint and lemon mojito is going to be the perfect starter drink for the day. After all, refreshing start ends up in brilliant time only!

  1. Soup for Your Cold Chilling Evening!

If the evening is really chilling then you can go for a Lemon Coriander Soup. This soup is going to fill the body with cosiness and the body is going to be active. Amidst the freezing environment, such a soup will do wonders only.

  1. Tandoori Chicken

There is nothing more exciting and fulfilling than a tandoori chicken. It is something that fills the heart instantly. A bowl of chicken tandoori is what everyone craves for a celebration. This is something you can vouch for!

  1. PaneerPasanda

There are vibrant paneer dishes out there to decorate your table with utmost richness and merriment. Amidst them paneerPasanda is distinct. This rich paneer dish can be perfect for any small or huge party. The dish is creamy, filled with dry fruits and different spices.

  1. Chat Papdi

It might sound unusual to you but chaatPapdi is something that might not be expected by your guests and visitors. Just surprise them with crispy and spicy chaatPapdi and they are going to be craving for more. You can serve different chatnis like tomato one, chilli sauce and so on.

  1. Honey Chilli Potato

This rich and saucy dish is going to be another attraction in your party. It is quite easy to prepare and you can get it made too. Just choose it for your party menu and you won’t regret it at all. It is spicy, hot and crispy!

  1. Biryani

If you love Biryani then there can nothing be better than this. Be it veg Biryani or non-veg Biryani; you can pick different types of options. You can go for a chicken Biryani or even a meet Biryani. Similarly, you can even explore the rich veggie Biryani. The flavours and spices used in these Biryanis are absolutely hypnotising.

  1. Ice cream puddings

There are vibrant flavours available in ice creams. Just pick one or two and blend them with a pudding base. This is all you need for a scrumptious and tasty dessert for your party. These ice cream puddings are absolutely in trend and can leave everyone sufficed.

  1. Pakoras

Go spicy with cheese, potato, cabbage and similar pakodas. These pakodas are absolutely fulfilling and tasty. These will spice up your treat.

  1. Chocolate Shake

How can you forget about this scrumptious shake? Chocolate shake can fill your stomach with a rich taste and vibrant spirit. It is really rich and creamy!

So, these are the ten dishes that are already geared up for your party!

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