Galaxy Note 5 vs Note 6 – comparison

By on December 8, 2015
Galaxy Note

Galaxy Note 5

Style, Size, and power; this have been the fundamental design considerations for modern smart phones. However the Galaxy Note 5 stands out through its remarkable design; Super AMOLED 5.7 inches with 16M colors capacitive screen, with an S-pen that clearly brings out the sophisticated style. Samsung have optimized the display to cater for all their audience, everybody loves a big screen.

Weighing just 171g , this remarkable handy technology sits on a Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53& Quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A57 processor, backed by a Mali-T760MP8 GPU. The note 5’s 32/64 GB internal memory and its 4 GB RAM are more than enough to cater for performance and offer seamless entertainment with professional-grade handing of HD videos and games. Music lovers and gamers are not left out, with extensive memory to store multimedia files and fast processing speeds of the Galaxy Note 5e.

The ‘low battery’ warning buzz is one sound we all fall victim to, especially with huge powerful smartphones. However, the Note 5 lasts really long even with location finder, Wi-Fi and data on. This is largely due to its Li-Po 3000 mAh battery.

However, the only drawback to Samsung’s Note 5e is the TouchWiz interface; comes with apps you cannot delete. Otherwise Samsung have really taken it a notch higher, who thought the Note series would ever get this amazing!

Galaxy Note 6

In 2011 Samsung released the first of a new series of android based Smartphone. It was called the Galaxy Note. Since then Samsung has been working hard to pump out a bigger and better version of their original creation every year. Earlier this year the Galaxy Note 5 was released and received high acclaim for its improved features and functionality over the previous model. Already rumors are circulating over the upcoming release of the next phablet in the series, the Galaxy Note 6, and according to the rumors it’s unlikely to disappoint.

So for those that wish to have some idea of what to expect here are the rumors:

The physics

According to the Specs of Galaxy Note 6, it might have screen size somewhere from a 5.9-6.2 in. (149- 157mm) screen, bigger than its predecessors. At the same time the thickness is only estimated to be about 8mm thick meaning that, despite its increased size, it’s relatively light. The screen itself is boasting a 4K HD display and is even rumored to be flexible. This feature will help prevent the phone from cracking so easily when you are moving about or falling out while your phone is in your pocket.

The battery

The battery is rumored to be a 4500mAh with a longer battery life over previous models of the Galaxy Note and faster charging. One report claimed it was 40% charged in only 4 minutes. Also wireless charging is expected to be included instead of as a separate feature.

Computing power

Some have likened the Galaxy 6 note to a gaming tablet with specs comparable to the minimum requirements of a gaming PC. A possible 6-8GB RAM and a 16 core Processor along with the bigger screen, gamers will have more power at their fingertips to play their favorite phone games. The Galaxy Note 6 is also expected to by default have Android Marshmallow so users will have all of Android’s newest features and the capability to run newer and more advanced apps.


There are many different rumors floating around but all of them share a similar expectation for the camera to be even more advanced than current Smartphone. A dual camera with a 30MP rotary sensor and a 15MP front facing camera will allow users to take higher quality pictures and videos. It’s even rumored to incorporate 3D picture taking abilities.


Many people today are using their phones for multiple functions including camera, gaming device, MP3 player, video player, and other high memory uses. To help with consolidation the Galaxy Note 6 is also projected to have more memory by default. Several storage size options will likely be available affecting the price but right now it’s rumored to have the base model with no less than 64GB of internal memory and going up from there, the highest with possibly even 256GB of storage to help accommodate individual preference and need.

Other Features

Rumor has it a possible retina scanner in addition to fingerprint scanner may be installed on the Galaxy Note 6. The Stylus may pop out with the click of a button, hand motion, or voice prompt with even more application use. A two-screen feature has been supposedly in the works allowing users to have certain apps and data layered for security and ease, so that only certain information and programs are accessible when you first turn on the phone.


Price speculation is varied but with all the expected features and capabilities of the Galaxy Note 6 it’s not going to be the cheapest phone. Expected base value has been estimated between $600-$1200, which is bit same as the price of Galaxy S7. So you might need to start saving up now. The other thing everyone wants to know is when it’s expected to be released. Well if it’s following the pattern of the previous Galaxy Note releases its release should fall around August October of 2016. As mentioned earlier, all the features and specs listed above are merely speculation based on rumors. We have to wait to hear official information. Regardless, the Samsung Galaxy Note 6 looks to be mighty impressive and a crowd pleaser for fans of the phablet series.

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