Explore the unusual Karnataka

By on April 11, 2019
Explore the unusual Karnataka

Karnataka is a south Indian state which is full of immense natural beauties. When it comes to travelling, this is definitely one of the most popular destinations in the country. There are some usual places which are top favourites of the tourists and there are some unusual places as well which must to be discovered by the travellers are.

So, when one is thinking of visiting Karnataka, these are the places which they would love to explore:


This place boasts an immense green luxury and it is full of tranquillity. Gokarna lies in the border of Goa and Karnataka and it is not a very commercialised space. So, if one is a laid back traveller and wants to travel in peace then this one is perfect for them. Also, the beach line here makes this place a romantic destination as well for the couples. One can enjoy a peaceful sun set hand in hand and can also indulge into some sumptuous sea food dishes. The major beaches to visit here are Gokarna beach, Om beach and Kudley beach. If one has a knack of yoga and Ayurveda, there are some spa resorts and shacks where they can a body massage and a yoga session as well. For adventurous people this place is also not a letdown. It is great to have a snorkelling and a parasailing experience here.

Hebbe Falls

This one is located inside the Bhadra wild life sanctuary and Tiger reserve. This place is very near to the hill station of Kemmangundi. When one visits this place they can find that the waterfall is mainly surrounded by the thick jungles and they also have lots of coffee plantations around. This falls mainly gush down from the height of 500 feet and it has 2 stages. One is the big falls or the Didda Hebbe and the other is the small falls known as the Chikka Hebbe. This place is actually ideal to visit during the summers and the monsoon.


This is said to be a very offbeat beach in the state of Karnataka and that is why it is unexplored too. The place is actually located in the northern most part of the state and one can spend a very quiet and leisured holiday here. This place definitely has some pristine beaches and one can also indulge into some water sports here as well.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

It is one of the largest wild life sanctuaries in Karnataka and it covers an area of 834 square kilometres. This sanctuary is located on the banks of Kali River and one can get to see almost 200 different species of birds here. Among them the popular ones are Malabar pied hornbills and Orange headed thrush. Apart from birds, one can also get to see sloth bears, elephants, crocodiles, bonnet and Indian bison here.

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