Essentials Every Start-up Should Have

By on April 13, 2016

There are five essential qualities every winning start-up should have: Wondering what they are? Read on to find out:


Anyone who has ever worked in a start-up knows that it’s all about collaboration, says Inc. Rank and file staff rubbing elbows with management. Flat hierarchies. Work-sharing spaces are gaining ground, along with collaborative furniture pieces. That’s because collaboration is at the heart of every start-up, a trait mostly borne out of necessity. After all, most start-ups begin with only a team of two or three. They’ll need to get the job done as best as they can, leading them to collaborate. In start-ups, tables in conference rooms get plenty of use not just from meetings but from teams working together to beat round-the-clock deadlines.


Another thing start-ups are big on is cost-effectiveness. Angel investors don’t exactly fall at their feet in rows. So there’s a need to keep business costs as low as possible. That’s why conference tables from SmartDesks get a lot of love. They don’t just allow teams to convene for a huddle session; they provide employees with a good workstation as well. It’s a convenient as well as a cost-effective measure. It also saves on space so start-ups can house more employees in smaller spaces or think of better ways to use that space.


An article by the Entrepreneur says that customers need to be customer-centric. That’s the same principle start-up employees follow. Because it could mean the difference between staying afloat and shutting down the company. A start-up that wants to do its best for customers won’t stop trying to improve on its product or service and that’s the kind of loyalty brings customers to the door.


According to Forbes, there’s got to be growth. The usual problem with start-ups, though, is that most tend to grow too fast. Some don’t think about growth at all. If you plan on putting up a start-up, make sure you give some thought to your future expansion plans too.


Nearly all companies start out with a vision. But most fail because of non-action. That’s where successful start-ups differ. They don’t stop with the vision. They at it until they succeed.

If you want to up your start-up game, to improve your chances of winning the market, take a long hard look at this list and see if your company has what it takes.

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