Effects of Tadalafil generic

By on May 23, 2018
Tadalafil generic

Tadalafil generic is one of the three chemical compounds which tend to erectile dysfunction. They are sold under various labels such as Cialis. The chemical formula for tadalafil generic is C22H19N3O4. The basic purpose of these chemicals is to develop sensation in genitals. This functioning is achieved by facilitating the circulation of blood throughout the body. When the blood flow increases in the genitals, they become more sensitive. The problem of erectile dysfunction overcomes with increased sensitivity in the genital area. It is recommended for men only. For females, specialised female Viagra is available in the market. The drug does not protect the consumer from any type of sexually transmitted disease, its sole purpose is to overcome erectile dysfunction.

Functioning of Tadalafil

The first and foremost purpose of Tadalafil is to overcome erectile dysfunction. Secondly, it is used to treat enlarged prostate at an earlier stage. It can only be helpful in the beginning stages. This disease is termed as BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia). The beginning symptoms are the urge to urinate frequently and weak stream urination. The urge to urinate arising midnight is one of the major symptoms of BPH. The drug will relax your prostate muscles. To use Tadalafil generic for treating BPH, it is recommended to consult your doctor first for the amount of dosage. And also consult about how long you have to consume the medicine.


The effect of tadalafil generic may last up to 36 hours. It is recommended that you take the medicine at least an hour before any sexual activity. If the doctor approves, then the consumer can take the drug on a regular basis. Rarely, side effects have been observed by the consumer. And if any are experienced by consumer, they are mild in nature. The effect of the drug is not affected by the consumption of alcohol. In general, the effect of Sildenafil decreases with consumption of alcohol, such is not a case with tadalafil generic. It reacts in the similar way. The only disadvantage is that if the consume intakes huge amounts of alcohol with tadalafil generic, then it may result in undesirable side effects.

The medicine does not work well when mixed with nitrates and nitrogen oxide. Its working efficiency decreases if taken with antibiotics or any other drugs. It is recommended not to take it with such drugs. And the medicine is to be taken with water and any other non-alcoholic liquid.

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