Does Learning Hadoop in Cloud Computing Ecosystem Really Help?

By on April 9, 2019

Hadoop has come a long way in the decade, despite its ambiguous reputation of being an open source Cloud computing environment. As Big Data and Analytics continue to push the boundaries of computing speed, storage and governance, Hadoop is seen as the most trusted framework based on Java. This project, a part of Apache, is sponsored by Apache Software Foundation, has many advantages over other frameworks when it comes to storage, access and computing of data, programs and documents in the Cloud.

In this article, we will tell you the how learning Hadoop in Cloud computing space is a great career gig.

But First, What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is at the center of the growing sphere of Big Data technologies. It is supported by peripheral technologies such as Predictive Intelligence, Big Data analytics, Machine Learning and Data Warehousing best practices.

Basic Requirements for Hadoop in Cloud Career

Hadoop training course require basic knowledge in computer science and mid to advance level Java fluency. In the basic level, Hadoop learners would learn about MapReduce, Hadoop architecture, HiveQL, HBase, and Hadoop API with Hadoop On-Demand services.

Traditionally known as the Apache Hadoop technology, it is currently offered by leading Big Data vendors such as AWS, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Additionally, new emerging technology players in the space include Google, Microsoft, Intel, SAP, Oracle, and other cloud-based managed services providers whose offerings are provided on top of Hadoop and other related technologies.

Cloud computing is making inroads into the job market, challenging the traditional roles and titles, Today, leading cloud computing platforms are relying on talent from Hadoop Training Institutes in Bangalore to deliver for support and service in MapReduce and Spark jobs, Hive, Scala and Cloudera.


Current State of Hadoop in the Cloud

In the Hadoop training course, learners can visually understand and ascertain the past, present and the future of the technology. The overall Big Data and Hadoop ecosystem continues to attract new users and vendors who are focused at offering Cloud deployments. In the Cloud Computing deployment models, Hadoop can be built to deliver services over:

  • Public Clouds
  • Private Clouds
  • Hybrid Clouds

At the basic level, Hadoop in the Cloud grow as a framework of simple programming models to process Big Data. On the other hand, a generic Cloud Computing model deals with and leverages computing structures connected through powerful network of servers, computers and analytical tools.

What is Hadoop Certification Training Course?

Hadoop certification and training course is a comprehensive learning program that is to build talent and skills in the areas of Cloud Computing, Big Data Hadoop and Spark modules. A combination of training courses are available for those who want to grow themselves as a Hadoop developer, Hadoop administrator, Hadoop testing and analytics Engineer with Apache Spark, and so on.

In the quest to learn more about Hadoop and Big Data opportunities, learners tend to sway and deviate into Cloud computing career. With Hadoop skills, learners can easily make a decision when the time comes to choose between Hadoop and Cloud management roles.

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