Direct Entry Stream Resident Visa Australia, An Attractive Way To Get A Permanent Australian Residence Visa

By on April 2, 2018
Resident Visa Australia

Australia is the only mass of land in the entire world that is said to be a continent as well as a country. It is the home to several captivating features or fragments. Australia is believed to be a multi-cultural company that open it arms to all the nations and the various types of backgrounds as well as religions.

Some of the exquisite natural wonders of the world that the country boasts of are:

  • The Great Barrier Reef ( The World’s largest coral reef system)
  • The Bungle Bungles in Western Australia
  • The Heritage Listed Ayers Rock (Uluru)
  • The Twelve Apostles along the Great Ocean Road.
  • Man made items such as the Sydney Harbor Bridge and the Sydney Opera House.

The current population of Australia is said to be approximately around 2.51 cores that resides within the total stretch of 7.692 million square km. The Australian continent is also a home to a number of deserts along with mountains.  Lakes and rivers, tropical islands and rain forests can also be found here in abundance. The nation also holds the presence of several beautiful lakes such as the Lake Eyre in South Australia that covers a total surface area of almost 9500 square kilometers. Other lakes that are present in the country are Lake St. Claire, Lake Argyle e.t.c.

ENS Direct Entry System

Direct entry stream resident visa Australia is a visa system that only requires you to get through an assessment of formal skills in order to obtain a permanent residence visa in Australia. Contrary to the earlier ENS Temporary Residence Transition Stream that required the applicant to work with an employer in Australia for at least 2 years in order to get a permanent residence visa in Australia, the Australia Direct Entry Stream visa doesn’t put forward any such requirements and aids visa grant to people by only requiring them to pass an assessment testing some common skills.

Requirement of Respective Skill for ENS Direct Entry

The skills required for Direct Entry are:

  • Formal assessment of skills in the applicants field of occupation
  • A minimum work experience of 3 years in the respective field of occupation of the applicant

Age Requirement

The applicant should be under the age of 45 to obtain the eligibility of applying for Australian permanent visa through direct Entry System.

English Requirement

If you are looking to get a permanent Australian visa through direct entry system you are required to prove your excellence in English language either through obtained certificates or by passing a given English test.

The Australia direct entry stream visa program for obtaining permanent Australia Residence Visa is a rather attractive feature as it removes the hassle of requiring work tenure of at least two years with an employer in Australia as in ENS Temporary residence transition stream. A consultant would be required to advice you on all the requirements for direct entry stream resident visa Australia and benefit you with easy, gliding through procedures and advantages of the same.


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