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By on August 9, 2019
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We all love to decorate our room. And for that we used to hire an expert interior designer to make our room so attractive whether it is a larger one or a smaller one we always want to make our room look attractive. Now you don’t have to go for hire any professional interior designer if you follow the tips given below. Just have a look on the given tricks you will find something which is interesting. So go through it.

  • Firstly, you can have a look on the mixture of an interior design trick. You can find here something which is mixing up of the patterns of something decorative and textures of them. Interior designer Vancouver BC can mix up a traditional old look with modern look and also can mix up some attractive decorative things which can be expensive or cannot be expensive. The most important thing in decoration of your room is to remember who you are and according to this decorate your room. Your personality, your style, your thought also has to reflect on your decoration. You can’t look only for your interior designer’s choice. They also have need of your choice. If you want to mix up something from our modern culture and something from the old fashion, then I can suggest you just to think first what you like from your old aged house of grandfather and grandmother. Then think what you like from your modern interior design and the unique styles you want from your own.
  • Then you can add some baskets on your room. You can make those by own or buy those and do some attractive design or art on those basket according to your room color, other things like bed, sofa, wardrobe or anything it can be. With matching designs, you can color those or paint on them and put them in place according to your living space. You can put books, playing things of children, dresses, blankets etc. these kind of baskets with colorful designs and painting can make your living room look classy and can give it a wonderful look.
  • Next if you want some idea for decorating your kitchen you can add some pot which used in cooking which can be hanged in your kitchen. We used to spend too much time for cooking or preparing foods, and after cooking serving those for family members and most importantly for entertaining with movies, songs or anything. But just do this like hanging pots in the kitchen can make anyone feel that you are always cooking and these things are always using for cooking. And these hanging pot can make your kitchen look great.
  • If you like to paint or coloring something, interior design company Vancouver then can add on your book cases that also can be added on your decoration. In your room there should have book cases for your book storing and you can apply some painting and some color on them. those will make your room more attractive. You can also add some funny pictures on ceiling, near your switch board or on your walls which can be seemed unique.

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